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ETS Lindgren, new power meter for EMC testing of wireless links

by david.nunes

ETS Lindgren introduces innovative power meter for EMC testing of wireless links according to the new ETSI directive

Manufacturers of wideband data transmission systems used in wireless local area networks must prove compliance with ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) specifications. For 2.4 GHz systems compliance tests for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are specified in document EN 300 328 but new measurement challenges have arisen with the introduction of the new version 1.8.1 which supersedes 1.7.1.

New complex test methods for measuring output power are specified which are significantly different; they include duty cycle, transmitter sequence, transmitter gap and a completely new concept ‘medium utilization’. New measurement instruments are needed to carry out the latest mandatory tests.

ETS-Lindgren is introducing a new power meter to enable pulse power testing to this rigorous new standard. The innovative USB RF Power Sensor, model 7002-006 covers a frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz, the key parameter is an exceptionally fast sampling rate of 5 Ms/s which is essential for the new tests. A significant feature is the trigger input/output on the probe for synchronous triggering of multiple EMPower meters for power measurements on MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) devices.

The sensor’s USB connector provides easy and direct connection to a PC to enable ETSI 300 328 power measurements to be performed on MIMO devices in conjunction with test software. The software, supplied at no charge, automates and simplifies simultaneously triggered ETSI 300 328 MIMO power tests when used in conjunction with the new sensor.

Ken Foan, of ETS-Lindgren remarked, “The new power meter features a fast sampling rate of 5 Ms/s which is vital for the new EMC tests, additionally we provide the capability for synchronous triggering of multiple power meters which is also required. We are delighted to announce this new equipment to allow EMC test engineers to make the sophisticated new EMC tests.”

ETS-Lindgren is the world’s largest provider of integrated solutions for wireless, electromagnetic compliance (EMC), microwave, and acoustic measurement systems.

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