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EU wants to turn ISPs into copyright cops

by david.nunes

May 23 2011




EU wants to turn ISPs into copyright cops

Reveals plans to halt infringement at the source


By Dave Neal

BUREAUCRATIC GRAVY TRAIN riders at the European Commission believe that the best way to stop online copyright infringement is by making ISPs do it for the media cartels.


According to an early document seen by Reuters, the EC will push internet service providers (ISPs) further up the ranks of the so-called ‘anti-piracy’ army, and will ask them to police their systems for any such activity.

The document, which is dated mid-April, says, “The Commission will propose amendments to the [intellectual property rights] (IPR) Enforcement Directive in order to create a framework allowing, in particular, combating infringements of IPRs via the internet more effectively….”

“These amendments should tackle the infringements at their source and, to that end, foster cooperation of intermediaries, such as internet service providers.”

Reuters expects the EC to publish some more formal information tomorrow, on Tuesday, and added that this will come from the Internal Markets Commissioner, Michel Barnier.


The EC apparently expects that cutting down on copyright infringement will be revealed as the solution to all the world’s ills, such as falling revenues at the supposedly starving media content companies and a weakening employment market.


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