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Europa Plus Uses NeoGroupe to Connect With Audiences in Russia

by david.nunes

Europa Plus Uses NeoGroupe to Connect With Audiences in Russia 

PARIS — Sept. 5, 2011 — Europa Plus, the most listened-to private radio network in Russia, has installed NeoGroupe’s NeoScreener, NeoWinners, and NeoAgent applications to streamline broadcasts to audiences in the country. Reaching a daily audience of more than 10 million listeners, the Moscow-based network uses NeoGroupe’s suite of applications to manage listener calls-ins, track and schedule contests, and generate multidimensional interaction with the audience through text messaging, smartphones, and the Internet.

One of five radio stations in the Europa Media Group, Europa Plus was the first commercial radio station in Russia. The station began broadcasting in 1990, reaching a growing audience via satellite in seven countries and nine time zones. 

Using NeoGroupe software around the clock for a varied program schedule, Europa Plus deploys the applications over eight workstations operated by 19 staff during the 24-hour cycle.

The combination of NeoScreener, NeoWinners, and NeoAgent gives us an extremely well-structured environment for managing a rolling program of audience interaction content,” said Thierry Chamoux, vice president of strategy, programming, and communication at Europa Media Group. “The efficiency we can achieve with this suite of tools means we can develop a very close relationship with the listeners, which is an important factor in building audience share.”

NeoGroupe, which operates internationally and always localizes its products, supplied Europa Plus with software applications that feature customized graphic interfaces using Cyrillic characters and store Cyrillic data. The company also translated NeoScreener and NeoWinners entirely to Russian for easy use by the Europa Plus staff.

More information on NeoGroupe products is available at www.neogroupe.com, via email at info@neogroupe.com, or by telephone at +33 972 23 62 05.


About Europa Plus
Europa Plus is Russia’s first and most popular commercial radio station, reaching a daily audience of 10 million listeners and a weekly audience of 24.5 million (source: TNS Media Research Russia, Radio Index Russia. October 2010 to March 2011, Cities with 100 000 or more population. Audience 12+). Europa Plus, which began broadcasting on April 30, 1990, reaches audiences in Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Broadcasting on some 219 transmitters and two satellites (Yamal 201 and Intelsat 904), Europa Plus is one of the world’s largest radio networks. The network features localized programs and replays programs from its mother station, 106.2 FM in Moscow.

About NeoGroupe
Founded in 2002, NeoGroupe manufactures software applications for small- to large-scale radio and television broadcasters. NeoGroupe’s applications feature intuitive functionality and enhance the workflow between individuals in a business environment. The company develops standard and tailor-made solutions based around its extensive media workflow experience and boasts a variety of customers ranging from high-profile talk shows to major public organizations worldwide. Applications include contest management, call screening, SMS/website audience interaction, budget, purchasing, and hardware inventory solutions. Headquartered near Paris, the NeoGroupe global customer base includes Radio France, Sirius Satellite Radio (“The Howard Stern Show”), CBS, Premiere Radio Networks, Home Shopping Network (HSN®), Clear Channel Communications, Z100, Univision Radio, Airtime Management and Programming (AMP) Malaysia, Réseau Outre-Mer 1ère, RTL2, Fun Radio, Radio-Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française (RTBF), NRJ, Nostalgie, Europa Plus Russia, and Yleisradio Finland (YLE). More information about NeoGroupe and its products is available at www.neogroupe.com

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