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Digital transformation is still at its beginnings. Its full impact is impossible to predict. However, there is a widespread consensus that it will significantly change politics, societies and economies, impacting every single citizen’s life. What will the world we live in look like in the future? The central task for stakeholders from the public and private sector and civil society in the EU and beyond will be to build the future world we want to live in. To do so, they need to be prepared to proactively deal with both the challenges and the opportunities of digital transformation. To help stakeholders formulate robust yet flexible strategies on both of these sides, on what digital transformation in the EU could look like in 2035.

While digital transformation is a certainty, the way in which it will unfold and the concrete impact it will have on our lives is one of the most uncertain questions of today. Digital Transformation is impacted by a myriad of different interacting social, political, economic, technological, environmental, legal and military driving forces. To unpack the complex picture resulting from the interaction of these current and future drivers will be one of the key challenges for the EU and its success as a public administration.

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