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Evolution partners with Foregenix to help companies achieve PCI DSS compliance

by david.nunes

Evolution partners with Foregenix to help companies achieve PCI DSS compliance


London, 7th March 2012Foregenix, the digital forensics specialist, has announced a partnership with Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Evolution. Evolution will use Foregenix’s FScout cardholder data discovery software to help its customers achieve PCI DSS compliance. The tool will form part of the QSA’s own audit process, as well as being used directly by clients who want to monitor the cardholder data on their systems on an on-going basis.


Evolution is a leading QSA providing guidance to clients on a variety of data protection issues, from credit card details taken during payments, to names and addresses stored within ecommerce systems. The company also provides a managed service solution to customers across the UK and Asia. FScout will enable Evolution and its clients to detect any “rogue” cardholder data on their networks. Once found, the data can be quickly and easily secured and/or deleted, protecting companies from data breaches and helping them to achieve PCI DSS v2.0 compliance.


“Any data breach suffered after a PCI audit has taken place reflects badly on the QSA so it is crucial for us to feel confident that the cardholder data discovery tool we use goes far beyond basic scanning,” says Ritchie Jeune, Evolution’s Head of Compliance. “FScout’s level of granularity, the credibility of its results and its accurate reporting are second to none meaning we can offer the ultimate assurance to clients.”


“PCI DSS v2.0 requires merchants to be more vigilant about protecting any credit card data residing on their systems,” adds Benj Hosack, Director at Foregenix. “However, many companies are still unaware of the amount or location of this data which makes it impossible for them to protect themselves. We’re delighted to be working with Evolution to provide companies with FScout, an accurate and automated solution that can save them time and money in the compliance process and peace of mind that their businesses have another layer of defence against data breaches.”


About Evolution

Evolution is a leading global digital security company providing data security, Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) consultancy and managed solutions to organizations throughout the world. Evolution have helped many organisations from small to large; to manage their compliance and secure mission critical business systems from internal and external threats.


About Foregenix

Foregenix is an independent, specialised information security business, headquartered in the United Kingdom, with a global service delivery capability. The Foregenix team has been closely involved with the Payment Card Industry since the inception of the security standards in 2004, and have carried out PCI DSS assessments, PA-DSS assessments, penetration tests and forensic investigations on hundreds of organisations during this time. Its technical team has extensive experience in digital security, having worked as security consultants, analysts and engineers in a wide array of environments; including global financial institutions, global networking and security providers.


About FScout Enterprise

FScout Enterprise is a rapid, accurate, multi-platform solution that incorporates advanced cardholder data detection and monitoring capabilities. FScout Enterprise has centralised reporting and is ideal for performing frequent/regular checks on any servers, desktops and laptops for leaked and unprotected “rogue” cardholder data across an enterprise.


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