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EWE TEL modernizes its voice services with KEYMLE technologies

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EWE TEL modernizes its voice services with KEYMLE technologies

Hanover, September 29th, 2008 – The German telecommunications provider EWE TEL (from Oldenburg) is updating its voice services infrastructure with KEYMILE’s Multi-Service Access platform MileGate. By choosing the compact and very versatile system, EWE TEL can make better use of its technical centres and offer its customers new services. With its own network infrastructure, EWE TEL can supply first-rate telecommunications services to the region between the Ems and Elbe and parts of Brandenburg. EWE TEL has had its own constantly updated network since the telecommunications market was opened up on 1 January 1998. In view of the dynamic development and growth of the wholly-owned subsidiary of EWE AG, its voice services infrastructure needed updating. The company chose KEYMILE’s MileGate. Exceptional features of the MileGate-2500 system, used by EWE TEL, are above all its high level of flexibility and reliability. EWE TEL operates MileGate in its technical centres. Thanks to the system’s outstanding integration density, EWE TEL can make ideal use of the space available. The subrack has 21 slots, of which 20 can be fitted with line cards, enabling up to 2,400 ADSL2plus interfaces in one 19″ rack. As early as December 2000, EWE TEL launched high speed DSL Internet technology in Bremen. Today, DSL is available in all of EWE TEL’s 362 local networks. In many local rural networks, the regional telecommunications specialist has even become something of a pioneer in providing broadband Internet access. “We have now gained initial, operational experience with MileGate and are delighted with its reliability. In KEYMILE we have found a partner that we can implement our own ideas and technical developments with. And this in turn will benefit our customers too,” comments Dr Norbert Schulz, Technical Director of EWE TEL. And Frank Krause, Chief Sales Officer at KEYMILE, adds: “We’re proud that we’ve gained EWE TEL as a customer. The company is an innovative and successful German regional network operator and we look forward to working together.”

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