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EWE TEL uses KEYMILE technology to expand network

by david.nunes

Hanover, December 2, 2010 – Network operator EWE TEL in Oldenburg is expanding its voice service infrastructure with KEYMILE’s multi-service access platform MileGate. A special card is used that enables the transmission of legacy TDM services via Ethernet, therefore also making network migration to All-IP much easier.

Despite the conversion of many core networks to Ethernet/IP, legacy data interfaces are still important. This is also the view taken by EWE TEL, one of Germany’s biggest regional telecommunications enterprises. In the foreseeable future, many services will need traditional E1 interfaces so that existing customers can still use their equipment. If legacy voice services (POTS/ISDN) can be connected via Ethernet, network operators stand to save huge costs when migrating to All-IP. KEYMILE’s multi-service access platform MileGate with its CESoP board (CESoP = Circuit Emulation Services over Packet) provides the functionality required. As of immediate effect, EWE TEL is connecting new street cabinets – and therefore the surrounding residential and business properties – via Ethernet. And if data transmission in the core network is carried out with Ethernet/IP, EWE TEL can provide existing TDM services in familiar and reliable quality.

Technically, the CESoP card in a MileGate system turns a legacy TDM data stream into Ethernet packets and therefore transmits the TDM data through a packet-based network. With this solution, EWE TEL does not need to operate an Ethernet and a TDM transport network at the same time and can still offer residential customers legacy services via one All-IP network. Furthermore, corporate customer services, such as E1 leased lines or data services to connect private branch exchange, can be very effectively provided in a purely IP-based NGN environment. Vital to success is that the new solution delivers the customers the familiar quality of the offering in the past. In this case, what counts are the CESoP unit’s extensive QoS functions that prevent packet loss and therefore guarantee very high transmission quality.

“We have been using the multi-service access platform MileGate for three years, primarily for DSL and voice services and are impressed with its reliability”, explains Frank Ruloffs, Head of Strategic Planning at EWE TEL.
“The first productive runs with the CESoP unit confirm just how stable the platform is. Measurements and remote operation show that CESoP technology can give our TDM services the high quality required”.


EWE TEL GmbH (Oldenburg) has more than 600,000 customers and is one of the biggest regional telecommunications companies in Germany. It offers Lower Saxony, Bremen and parts of Brandenburg and North Rhine Westphalia a one-stop solution for all telecommunications services: high-speed Internet, mobile telephony, fixed line network telephony, TV and high-quality corporate customer solutions. EWE TEL GmbH owns the brands EWE TEL (Ems-Weser-Elbe), nordcom (Bremen), osnatel (Osnabrück), Teleos (Herford) and Eggenet (Paderborn) as well as the TV cable network operator Martens (Hamburg). EWE TEL GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the energy company EWE AG.


KEYMILE is one of the leading manufacturers of Next-Generation data transmission systems. The product portfolio includes flexible and robust multi-service access platforms, as well as stand-alone data transmission solutions The multi-service access platforms allow telecommunications providers to supply a variety of voice and data services via copper wire and fibre optics. Simultaneous availability of standard and IP-based data transmission guarantees smooth migration to the Next Generation Network.
KEYMILE systems are used for reliable data transmission in mission-critical areas of telecommunications networks used by railway companies and energy suppliers, as well as in mobile and professional mobile radio networks. The company has major business bases in Germany and Switzerland, as well as subsidiaries and partners world wide and has installed systems in more than 100 countries. For more information visit www.keymile.com.

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