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Ex-Sage And Pegasus Manager Joins Intact Software

by david.nunes

Ex-Sage And Pegasus Manager Joins Intact Software


Geoff Thompson to oversee UK expansion


26 April, 2012, UK – Intact Software, a pioneering developer of business management software, has today announced the appointment of industry veteran, Geoff Thompson, as part of its global expansion in the UK market.


Thompson brings more than 20 years’ in-depth experience in the business management software industry and has built his career helping software companies grow into successful global entities. He joined Pegasus Software, part of Infor Group and the fastest growing enterprise software company in the world, in 1988. He then moved into business development at Sage, one of only two technology stocks listed on the FTSE 100.


Heading up UK Business Development at Intact Software, Thompson will be tasked with continuing to establish Intact Software as a serious competitor in the business management software market. Intact iQ, the latest software offering from Intact Software, is a highly tailorable solution that can be delivered and implemented five times faster than its competitors thanks to the rapid development platform at the core of the product.


Thompson comments: “The last few years have seen a good deal of change in the business management software industry, with all the major vendors trying to establish themselves as the market leader in the most keenly contested mid-market sector. I’ve joined Intact Software because Intact iQ is an incredible solution and I wanted to be a part of what is going to be a very exciting journey. Intact iQ is the only solution available that is cost effective for users ranging from 1 to 200+.”


Intact iQ scales with the business. It’s adaptable to all expanding business needs and offers extreme flexibility allowing for changes and tailoring to be made quickly and effectively. Resellers can easily configure the system to replicate and improve businesses current processes, eliminating normal relating downtime. Intact Software guarantees the smooth transition of all data and processes, encouraging immediate use and a positive approach from staff.


“The next six months will see Intact Software drive aggressive marketing campaigns in the UK to further generate brand awareness and recruit more specific channel partners for Intact Software. We will undergo a clear recruitment campaign targeting the best partners available who are currently dissatisfied with their present business management software vendor”, Thompson continues.



About Intact Software

Intact Software is a pro-active and revolutionary developer of business management software. The company’s sole focus is on developing and supplying innovative business management software to customers who want to run their business efficiently, effectively, pro-actively and maximise their turnover potential. Intact Software can offer tailored solutions that reflect the most complex of business processes, but crucially, can be delivered and implemented quickly and financially justifiably. This allows customers to increase productivity, maximise profit, eliminate downtime and focus on progressing and running their businesses successfully.


For two decades, through a dedicated Channel Partner Network, the company’s software has been chosen by and successfully implemented in over 2,000 companies (over 12,000 end users). Headquartered in Ireland, Intact Software holds international offices in the UK and the Mediterranean.


Intact iQ is Intact Software’s next generation business management software that integrates Financials, Commercials, CRM and Business Intelligence as standard in a single database system. From 1 to 100’s of users, Intact iQ has the ability to scale with a business, never needing to be replaced. Eliminating the need for numerous, costly, isolated systems and service providers, Intact iQ can be implemented 5 times quicker than all comparable competitors and is tailorable and pro-active to all users needs.


For further information please visit: www.intactsoftware.com


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