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EXFO Adds Web Browser and IPTV Testing Capabilities to Its VDSL2 Test Set

by david.nunes

EXFO Adds Web Browser and IPTV Testing Capabilities to Its VDSL2 Test Set

The Most Universal Handheld DSL Test Solution Now Offers an Automated IPTV Test Suite, an Integrated Web Browser as Well as a Comprehensive Suite of Data Tests to Measure the Performance of VDSL2, ADSL1/2/2+ and Ethernet Links

QUEBEC CITY, Canada, March 14, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EXFO Inc. (Nasdaq:EXFO) (TSX:EXF) announced today the launch of an enhanced broadband service test suite for its MaxTester DSL. Specifically designed for first-line technicians, the MaxTester DSL provides the desired combination of DSL and Ethernet interfaces, ideal for testing in both the outside copper plant and the residential triple-play environment.

To further increase the productivity of service providers and their installation teams, the MaxTester DSL comes with an optional IPTV test suite and Web browser. With the new IPTV test suite, technicians can save their most commonly used channels to automatically join the selected channels and verify their availability as well as their quality of service (QoS). Like any other test on the MaxTester DSL, clear pass/fail results are displayed on the unit’s GUI. As for the integrated Web browser, it maximizes the use of the MaxTester DSL’s six-inch color LCD screen to show Web content. It can also be used to demonstrate website connectivity and access internal technician sites for additional testing or job management.

Moreover, in today’s highly competitive and demanding field environment, most field technicians not only require a device that can check the performance of their xDSL links but also one that can validate the operation and the quality of the services to be provided. The MaxTester DSL meets this need. The enhanced data tests provide traceroute and FTP capabilities, allowing technicians to automatically perform actual upload/download speed measurements of a link to ensure that services are properly provisioned.

“By integrating these new features in its handheld FTTx tester, EXFO brings the MaxTester DSL to the next level to meet its customers’ needs,” said Étienne Gagnon, EXFO’s Vice-President, Wireline Division and Corporate Marketing. “Thanks to our next-generation xDSL device, which is the most cost-effective and flexible solution on the market, first-line technicians will be able to carry out more comprehensive service testing than ever before.”

The MaxTester DSL will be showcased at the 2011 Texas Expo, in Belton, TX, USA, from April 5 to 7.

Visit our website for more information on the MaxTester DSL.

About EXFO

Listed on the NASDAQ and TSX stock exchanges, EXFO is among the leading providers of next-generation test and service assurance solutions for wireless and wireline network operators and equipment manufacturers in the global telecommunications industry. The company offers innovative solutions for the development, installation, management and maintenance of converged, IP fixed and mobile networks — from the core to the edge. Key technologies supported include 3G, 4G/LTE, IMS, Ethernet, OTN, FTTx, and various optical technologies (accounting for an estimated 35% of the portable fiber-optic test market). EXFO has a staff of approximately 1700 people in 25 countries, supporting more than 2000 telecom customers worldwide. For more information, visit www.EXFO.com.

EXFO Brand Name

The corporate name of the company is EXFO Inc. The company requests that all media outlets and publications use the corporate name (“EXFO Inc.”) or abbreviated name (“EXFO”) in capital letters for branding purposes. EXFO would like to thank all parties in advance for their cooperation.


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