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EXFO Launches EXFO Apps, a Gateway to Productivity-Enhancing Test Applications

by david.nunes

 EXFO Launches EXFO Apps, a Gateway to Productivity-Enhancing Test Applications 

As the first section of the EXFO Store, EXFO Apps houses software applications designed to dramatically boost field-testing productivity and efficiency.


QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, February 2, 2012 — EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO) (TSX: EXF) announced today the launch of the EXFO Apps section of the newly introduced EXFO Store. Accessible directly from any EXFO FTB platform, this portal reflects EXFO’s commitment to deliver software applications that boost everyday field-testing efficiency and productivity.


EXFO’s FTB test platforms now offer 3G, VPN and Wi-Fi connectivity, providing users with real-time, 24/7 access to the EXFO Apps portal, right from the field. This unmatched data connectivity to the FTB platforms provides users with real-time notifications of new test application releases as they become available. In addition, EXFO Apps users can benefit from on-the-spot training through on-demand “How-To” video capsules. Downloadable and viewable on the FTB platforms, these capsules provide field technicians with application-specific, EXFO-recommended test methods and procedures.


The exclusive applications found in EXFO Apps enable FTB platform users to work faster and smarter, with an immediate positive impact on test-routine efficiency and everyday productivity. In fact, the software applications—such as ConnectorMax and EXpert IPTV—can run simultaneously with the platform’s test modules. In addition, EXFO is the first to introduce on-demand timed trials of all test applications, allowing users to benefit from test enhancements immediately in a “try-before-you-buy” environment. All software upgrades can be automated through the EXFO Connect systems, another key element for field productivity enhancements.


“The vision behind the FTB Ecosystem is to offer our customers the right tools to help them face their biggest single challenge: controlling their operating expenses,” said Étienne Gagnon, EXFO’s Vice-President of Product Management and Marketing. “The EXFO Apps portal is another key component of the FTB Ecosystem. It enables network operators to provide their teams with value-added software applications that boost their on-field productivity.”

For details about EXFO Apps, visit our website.


About EXFO

Listed on the NASDAQ and TSX stock exchanges, EXFO is among the leading providers of next-generation test and service assurance solutions for wireline and wireless network operators and equipment manufacturers in the global telecommunications industry. The company offers innovative solutions for the development, installation, management and maintenance of converged, IP fixed and mobile networks—from the core to the edge. Key technologies supported include VDSL2, ADSL2+, 3G, 4G/LTE, IMS, Ethernet, OTN, FTTx, and various optical technologies (accounting for an estimated 35% of the portable fiber-optic test market). EXFO has a staff of approximately 1800 people in 25 countries, supporting more than 2000 telecom customers worldwide. For more information, visit www.EXFO.com.


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