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EXFO Launches New 100G Field Tester for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and Metro Networks

by david.nunes

EXFO Delivers Industry’s Most Complete and Portable 100G Field Tester for Metro Networks and Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

  • The NetBlazer V2 Series adds 100G testing to its portfolio, with a wide-range of features designed to drastically reduce both technicians’ testing time and operators’ overall cost of testing.

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, May 24, 2016 — EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO, TSX: EXF), a leading provider of portable, multiservice field testing solutions, today announced the newest additions to the NetBlazer family—the FTB-890 and FTB-890NGE high-speed portable field testers. Testing traffic speeds ranging from 64K to 100G, the FTB-890 and FTB-890NGE offer a complete suite of testing capabilities to address the transformation of metro networks driven by the surge in demand for high-capacity video, voice and other services, as well as the specific testing requirements of DCIs.  

Housed in the FTB-1 Pro platform, the FTB-890 and FTB-890NGE NetBlazer Series of modules are the industry’s smallest test solutions that offer complete support of native CFP4, QSFP+/QSFP28 and SFP+ transceiver interfaces to efficiently and cost effectively turn-up and troubleshoot 10M-to-100G networks. 

Keeping in step with EXFO’s unprecedented simplicity in GUI design and test-set configuration, these latest NetBlazer modules are loaded with easy-to-use, intuitive test functionalities, meaning simply that more testing is done in less time. These capabilities include the following: iSAM—EXFO’s three-step SLA validation test based on Y.1564 and RFC 6349; a pluggable optics validation tool to quickly identify faulty optics (including the newest 100G pluggable transceivers: CFP4 and QSFP28); testing of Fibre Channel rates from 1x to 16x—all on the same test set.

All the features of the test modules, including GUI simplicity and usability, were designed by EXFO based on the expertise gained by being directly out in the field with technicians, learning first-hand how operators test their networks and which features are important to empower them to work better, faster and more efficiently.

“Operators need to design and deploy optimized and scalable networks. In order to maximize return on investment, the turn-up and deployment of those networks must be fast and efficient while expenses are kept low,” said Claudio Mazzuca, Vice-President of EXFO’s Transport and Service Assurance Division. “EXFO’s newest NetBlazer modules give operators the tools to do just that—backed and built using EXFO’s deep understanding of 100G testing in both metro networks and DCIs.”  

Demonstration of the FTB-890 and FTB-890NGE high speed portable test modules will take place at EXFO’s booth (no. 323) during the Big Communications Event, in Austin, Texas from May 24-25, 2016.

For more information on the latest NetBlazer modules, please visit www.exfo.com/netblazer-v2

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