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Exponential growth rates in mobile payments market

by david.nunes

Paderborn (Germany) 05 October 2010: The communications industry is changing rapidly – the worldwide mobile payments market, for example, has experienced sustainable growth within the last five years. Today’s mobile handsets, being equipped to be used for a variety of payment-related transactions out of the box, are one reason for the growth in the mobile payment sector. Orga Systems’ mobile payments solutions are enabling true convergent services in the area of prepaid airtime distribution and mobile money, offering the option to sell “bundled” products in the area of voice, data and financial transactions and enabling reliable and speedy customer communication. Being well established in most advanced mobile markets, the mobile payments segment is now expanding into emerging markets as well.

Worldwide mobile purchasing
Orga Systems’ real-time product portfolio includes products for mobile recharge and voucher management applications, innovative payment options as well as customer self-care applications. Considering that the worldwide value of purchase via mobile phones is estimated to grow from 68.7 billion USD in 2009 to 633.4 billion USD in 2014, the importance of mobile payment options cannot be overestimated. When the number of subscribers purchasing goods and services via their mobile is assessed to increase from 81.3 million to 490 million – this is a 600% increase – importance is further underlined.

Orga Systems’ solutions offer superior operational benefits to launch, monitor and control dedicated payment strategies. In addition, they provide comprehensive functionality for all aspects of sales and channel management in real time, making Orga Systems the first choice for MNOs introducing platforms and applications for mobile payments.

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