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EY announces new joint offerings with Microsoft to help businesses secure their digital transformation and fight cyber crime

by david.nunes

EY announces new joint offerings with Microsoft to help businesses secure their digital transformation and fight cyber crime


   EY suite of cyber managed services – EY Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) – to be provided on Microsoft Azure


SINGAPORE, 16 FEBRUARY 2017.  As more companies embrace digital technologies to grow their business, EY today announced a number of new initiatives with Microsoft designed to help keep organizations safe as they move to the cloud, adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) and protect and secure their organizations from cybercrime.

Enhancing the alliance EY formed with Microsoft in 2015, the new capabilities are the first in a series of planned, jointly developed offerings   to help organizations sense, resist, react and recover from cyberattacks. These capabilities include security services for the digital enterprise, digital identity, data protection, improved incident response and recovery capabilities and increased security in a cloud environment.

Unveiled at the RSA Conference 2017, the world’s largest gathering of cybersecurity professionals, the new services can tackle some of the toughest challenges that CIOs and CISOs at Fortune 500 and middle-market companies face. The challenges include building cyber readiness into all aspects of increasingly digital enterprises, improving detection and response and helping CISOs support the “innovate or die” environment that so many companies face.

Chad Holmes, EY Americas Cybersecurity Principal, says:

”Organizations must protect their vital information during a time of digital transformation, without slowing down innovation and business development. Cyber attackers have evolved their tactics, techniques and procedures. We are focused on continued development of sophisticated tools that combine timely, business-related threat intelligence with deep technical experience and cutting-edge analytics so organizations can anticipate and recover from inevitable cyberattacks. The new services we developed with Microsoft can support clients with additional tools to protect and defend their businesses.”

Paul van Kessel, EY Global Cybersecurity Leader, says:

“Findings from the annual EY Global Information Security Survey show that organizations are making progress in the way they sense and resist today’s cyber attacks and threats. But the results also indicate the need for considerable improvement if organizations want to stay operational while the world becomes more connected and attacks become more devastating. The new services Microsoft and EY developed can help our clients address their cybersecurity challenges as they continue transforming their businesses and increasing their footprint in the digital ecosystem.”

Details of the new services include:

    Secure Digital Enterprise – This service  can help organizations protect their new applications with secure development testing, adopt emerging digital technologies like IoT, track their digital identities and data, and provide true cloud security to help organizations build the required trust needed to support cloud adoption.

   Active Detection and Response – This new offering  combines Microsoft’s Enterprise Threat Detection (MDR), Incident Response and Persistent Adversary Detection Service with a wide range of EY strategic recovery services, like live war games, Cyber Compromise Diagnostics, forensics recovery and incident response which can  help clients better detect, react and recover from any cyberattack or breach.

   Next Generation Security Operations – Under the EY Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering, EY and Microsoft can now jointly provide a scalable, secure cloud monitoring and protection service through an integrated cloud- based environment using Microsoft Azure’s advanced security technologies.

Ann Johnson, Vice President, Worldwide Cybersecurity, Microsoft Corp., says:

“EY has developed a suite of innovative cybersecurity services. We look forward to continuing to work together to create solutions that help combat cybersecurity threats to large and medium-sized enterprises globally. EY’s global footprint and collaborative approach are enabling us to develop offerings that draw on our respective experience supporting customers.”

Cyber-as-a-service in the cloud

Along with the new offerings, EY cybersecurity managed services offerings are now broadly available through the Azure cloud platform.

The Azure cloud platform can enhance EY’s abilities to provide threat detection and response, threat exposure management, data protection, analytics and digital identity management services to its clients.

Jonathan Trull, Global Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, Microsoft says:

“Leveraging the EY Cyber-as-a-Service offerings to assist our clients with a trusted cloud managed and monitoring service allows our clients to adopt the Microsoft Azure cloud platform at a more rapid rate. This unique cybersecurity relationship brings together the global power between the two organizations to bring innovative solutions to market to address the growing cybersecurity landscape.”

The joint cyber offerings from EY and Microsoft are an extension of other cybersecurity relationships that EY has built, including that with Los Alamos National Laboratory, announced in August 2015. 

To learn more about EY’s global cybersecurity services, visit EY at the Microsoft booth 3501 at the RSA conference in San Francisco, or visit www.ey.com/gl/en/services/advisory/ey-cybersecurity

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