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eyeo hires former Axel Springer Manager Gertrud Kolb

by Anthony Weaver

Kolb will take over the role of Chief Technology and Product Officer 

Berlin, April 4th 2022 – Gertrud Kolb worked in different management roles at Axel Springer for the last nine years. In her previous role as Director of Engineering, she was responsible for the new web delivery architecture for the news outlets bild.de and welt.de, established agile workflows throughout the company and drove the tech strategy across the company. Now Gertrud, who is a computer science graduate with almost 20 years of experience in Tech and Product Management, will take the lead in orchestrating a new product strategy within eyeo as its new Chief Technology and Product Officer (CTPO).

She completes eyeo’s C-Suite along with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Till Faida, Chief Operations Officer (COO) Jutta Horstmann and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Jan Wittek. The new team has ambitious goals ahead of them, such as reaching the milestone of one billion users worldwide. Today, 225 million people (and counting) use eyeo products, and the Acceptable Ads network has 700 partner companies.

Till Faida, CEO and co-founder of eyeo says: ”We are very excited to have won over Gertrud as the new Chief Technology and Product officer for eyeo. Her experience in tech and product management makes her the perfect fit to drive our technology and product efforts for users, publishers and advertisers toward an even more successful future.”

eyeo’s mission, which has become more B2B focused as its ad-filtering solution has grown, benefits all stakeholders in the online ecosystem, including users, publishers and advertisers . In the past few years, eyeo has created a suite of different products like Crumbs, which helps users to protect their privacy while proactively sharing dedicated interests with advertisers, and Trestle, an advertiser solution that enables advertisers to reach Acceptable Ads users. eyeo is still hungry to disrupt the ad-filtering industry and the internet and is continuously working to create balance online, pushing the envelope with innovations like using machine learning for automated ad filtering.

Gertrud Kolbs explains: ”Advertising is still one of the most important sources to fund content and journalism on the internet. eyeo is giving control back to the user with its approach to ad filtering and is working on fundamental system questions about monetization and fair value exchange. With its open and diverse culture, eyeo will grow much further and develop new products and services that will change the way we all use the internet. I am excited to be a part of it.“

About eyeo

eyeo is dedicated to empowering a balanced and sustainable online value exchange for users, browsers, advertisers and publishers. By building, monetizing, and distributing ad-filtering technologies, we create solutions that allow all members of the online ecosystem to prosper. Our ad-filtering technology powers some of the largest ad blockers on the market, like Adblock Plus, Adblock and Adblock Browser, and is distributed through partnerships to millions of devices. We are constantly innovating to meet the expectations of the changing online world, with privacy solutions such as Crumbs, our white label browsers for distribution partners, and the Acceptable Ads Standard, which reaches over 225 million users.

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