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Faroese Telecom Ensures IPTV Quality with Agama’s Monitoring Solution

by david.nunes
Faroese Telecom Ensures IPTV Quality with Agama’s Monitoring Solution

(LINKÖPING, August 30, 2011) – Agama Technologies, the DTV quality assurance expert, today announces that Faroese Telecom, the incumbent Telco in the Faroe Islands, has selected Agama to provide a complete monitoring solution for its linear IPTV service distribution. The deployed end-to-end solution will support Faroese Telecom in ensuring their customers’ TV experience and in achieving operational excellence in their video delivery.


As the incumbent service operator in the Faroe Islands, Faroese Telecom provides all the traditional national telecom services, including a TV service on a terrestrial DVB-T network, and is now taking the next natural step with IPTV. To ensure the IPTV service quality all the way from creation in the head-end to consumption in each subscriber’s home, the Telco has selected to deploy Agama’s DTV Monitoring Solution.


“We want to make sure that our customer will have an extraordinary TV experience when entering IPTV service and by monitoring the whole IPTV supply chain, including the set-top box, we can verify the service quality delivered in the customer home, as well as avoiding truck rolls,” says Edvard Joensen, Head of Business Development at Faroese Telecom. “As an established and experienced vendor, Agama has provided us with a very viable monitoring solution with a broad set of monitoring features.”


The selected solution performs real-time IPTV service quality monitoring from the head-end to each individual subscriber. The Agama Analyzer continuously verifies in detail that the services from the playout are correct in all dimensions, both objectively and subjectively. The Agama Embedded Monitoring probe, seamlessly integrated with all deployed Amino 140 and 540 STBs, provides stateful and efficient service quality monitoring of each connected subscriber. By correlating and presenting QoE and QoS data aggregated from the Analyzers and the STBs, the central Agama Enterprise Server gives instantaneous end-to-end overviews of the delivered IPTV service quality and shows the extent of any problem and its position in the distribution chain.


“We are delighted that Faroese Telecom has chosen Agama after evaluating different solutions for IPTV quality assurance, and we warmly welcome them as a new customer,” says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies. “It is with great pleasure we deliver our proven solution and field expertise to support yet another incumbent Telco in offering first-class IPTV service quality to their market.”


Media contacts:

Emelie Svensson

Marketing Communications Manager

Agama Technologies       


+46 13 240 330

Ingi Rasmussen

Faroese Telecom


+298 303 004



 About Faroese Telecom

Faroese Telecom is the leading telecommunication provider in the Faroe Islands. Already in 1906 the company began expanding and providing telephony to the Faroese people, and in 1998 the company was re-organized as a publically held limited liability company partaking in free competition with other companies. Today, Faroese Telecom serves as the top quality foundation under the information society, and owns and operates nets of the highest international quality on the Faroe Islands and abroad. Faroese Telecom provides its Faroese customers with modern services within telephony, broadband and television. The company is a strong full-service information and communication provider to the business community. For more information, please visit www.ft.fo.


 About Agama Technologies

Agama Technologies provides next generation quality assurance and monitoring solutions for digital TV and video services. As the first company to provide complete and proven end-to-end, multi-metric monitoring solutions, Agama continues to pioneer and innovate. Today, more than 60 Telcos, broadband operators and other TV service or network providers rely on Agama’s solutions to ensure TV service quality and customer satisfaction. Agama Technologies AB is based in Linköping, Sweden, and is privately held. For more information, please visit www.agama.tv.

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