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FarrPoint securing Scotland’s return to work initiative

by david.nunes

FarrPoint securing Scotland’s return to work initiative

FarrPoint securingScotland’s return to work initiative

FarrPoint, Scotland’s fastest growing technology consultancy, has been commissioned by theScottish Governmentin collaboration with Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to review the IT infrastructure for Fit for Work Scotland and ensure security across all IT systems.

Fit for Work Scotland, the free return-to-work advice service, is being delivered by NHS 24, NHS Health Scotland and NHS Lanarkshire on behalf of the Scottish Government and DWP. Fit for Work Scotland will be used by employees, employers and GP’s and will contain personal details, assessments and recommended outcomes for users. In England and Wales the Fit for Work service is delivered by the private sector.

Neil Anderson, Security Director at FarrPoint, said:

“The service will be used by a wide range of public users, some of whom will be sharing sensitive personal data,so it’s vital that the IT systems supporting this initiative are secure, integrated and efficient. FarrPoint has independently reviewed and assessedthe security across the various public bodies contributing to Fit for Work Scotland so users can be confident that their information is safe and secure.”

For more information www.FitforWorkScotland.scot

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