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Fashion One TV Expands Coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa With GlobeCast

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Fashion One TV Expands Coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa With GlobeCast


Carriage on Astra 4A at 5ºE free-to-air DTH platform provides the fashion channel with a footprint covering 70 percent of the African continent


PARIS — Dec. 22, 2011 — GlobeCast, a leading provider of video content management and delivery, has signed a deal with premium fashion broadcaster Fashion One TV to bring Fashion One to millions of new homes across sub-Saharan Africa via its capacity on the Astra 4A satellite at 5ºE.


The satellite, which has the most powerful Ku-band coverage in sub-Saharan Africa today, has a footprint that covers an estimated 70 percent of free-to-air, cable, and satellite audiences within Africa from Europe, reaching a community of potentially 50 million television households. It also offers easy reception from dishes that average 90 centimeters.


“We are pleased to be able to extend our reach to a larger audience in sub-Saharan Africa,” said Mick Gleissner, chief executive officer of Fashion One. “This expansion follows our recent milestone of launching our coverage across Europe and northern Africa.”


Fashion One has also recently expanded its coverage via GlobeCast’s capacity on the Astra satellite at 19ºE, reaching 65 percent of cable and satellite audiences in Europe.


“We are very happy to be part of providing a larger footprint for Fashion One across the globe,” said Darby Sanchez, chief executive officer of GlobeCast Asia.


Fashion One joins leading broadcasters such as France 24, TV5Monde, BVN, Voxafrica, and Walf TV in what has become an attractive broadcast neighborhood offering a wide range of general-interest, news, and music channels.


GlobeCast receives Fashion One’s signal in standard definition at its Paris teleport, where the signal is uplinked to the Astra 4A satellite for broadcast over African territories in Ku band.



Press Contacts:


Wall Street Communications – Marguerite Clark:


 +33 1 45 25 36 91


GlobeCast (New York) – Matthew Rosenstein:


 +1 212 332 2178


GlobeCast (Singapore) – Hani Sallim:


 +65 6325 4222


GlobeCast (Paris) – Bazeli Mbo:


 +33 1 5595 2604




Fashion One Press Contact – Josh Brown:


 +852 2545 ext. 2927




About Fashion One (www.fashionone.com)

Founded in 2010 in Los Angeles with presence in Paris, Milan, and Hong Kong, Fashion One TV is the only international channel that brings a unique take on fashion and entertainment to audiences across the world. Fashion One promises more than 300 new shows and 600 new clips every season, with coverage on everything from fashion weeks around the world to in-depth features on designers, models, and photographers in the industry; from red-carpet events to behind the scenes of movie sets; and the latest in Hollywood news and gossip. More information is available at www.fashionone.com.


About GlobeCast (www.globecast.com)

A subsidiary of France Telecom/Orange, GlobeCast is a leading provider of media management and global content delivery services for broadcasters and content creators. With a secure fiber and satellite network connected to dozens of teleports, technical operations centers, and points-of-presence worldwide, GlobeCast manages and transports millions of hours of video and other rich media each year. An integrator of audiovisual technology and a full-service provider, GlobeCast works with all the actors in the audiovisual chain from production companies to broadcasters, retail organizations, cinema chains, and more. The company provides on-site service from major news and sporting events for coverage in SD, HD, or even 3D. Present in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia, GlobeCast is also an expert in international television markets, and it works with new and established broadcasters to reach and secure distribution with leading pay-TV operators around the world.

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