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Fast and Energy Efficient M2M and IoT Connectivity as Teclo Networks and Stream Technologies Partner

by david.nunes

Fast and Energy Efficient M2M and IoT Connectivity as Teclo Networks and Stream Technologies Partner

Network optimization specialist boosts M2M and IoT networking speed and increases battery-life

Zurich, Switzerland and Barcelona, Spain, March 2nd 2015 – Teclo Networks, a leader in TCP/IP data optimization, announces that its S-Series solution has been deployed by Stream Technologies to optimize the flow of data for IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) devices to deliver seamless network connections and increase battery-life cycles.

Stream Technologies delivers end-to-end wireless network services for the M2M sector via its IoT-X platform that provides a Unified Access Connectivity Environment for cellular, satellite and Low Power Radio Network (LPRN) wireless connections. Stream has an extensive ecosystem of partners within IoT-X including ARM mbed, ThingWorx and wot.io.

Stream Technologies approached Teclo Networks for a robust solution to enhance connectivity. Thanks to faster data transfers via TCP/IP optimization, Stream Technologies has seen a reduction in battery replacement cycles as M2M devices now use less power when they ‘communicate’ with other machines.

As a spectrum agnostic solution, the S-Series is able to work across all of Stream’s networks, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, satellite & LPRN. With experience gained from optimizing data for a number of tier one operators including Free Mobile in France, Teclo has already demonstrated the performance increase its solutions can achieve. With carrier class reliability in live mobile and business networks, Teclo’s solutions are ready for the exponential growth in data from IoT and M2M devices – and making them more energy efficient.

“Battery-life is a major operating expenditure and frustration for customers. The S-Series is helping reduce this and bringing IoT and M2M to life for more businesses,” said Nigel Chadwick, CEO of Stream Technologies. “We have been working with Teclo Networks for almost three years to help provide our customers with an innovative solution that delivers real business benefits.” 

Jane Walerud, CEO of Teclo Networks, said: “Mobile networks are already congested and the billions of devices that are expected to form the IoT are going to have a dramatic effect on network performance. For both business and mobile networks, optimization is vital. Managing this is going to become a major hurdle for companies wanting to deploy M2M and IoT networks. The S-Series can deliver the performance boost connected devices need.”

About Teclo Networks

Teclo Networks’ TCP data optimization solution accelerates mobile broadband traffic over all radio technologies, including LTE, WiFi, 3G, and 2G. The faster the network technology, the more acceleration. It accelerates all TCP traffic, including the growing proportion of encrypted traffic, like HTTPS, HTTP/2 and SPDY. The system also improves user experience by eliminating buffer bloat, making shared connections responsive. It runs on standard Intel-based hardware with industry standard NICs and is commercially deployed in several tier one networks, as well as a number of smaller operators, MVNOs and enterprises.

About Stream Technologies

Since start up in 2000, Stream has remained at the forefront of development of innovative technology focused on cellular, satellite and LPRN based network connectivity specifically for M2M and IoT. Agnostic, API/open, global and next generation, Streams proprietary IoT-X connectivity management platform fuses monitoring, management and billing on a single platform with super resilient backhaul infrastructure, to provide a ‘virtual state of network’ representation. This flexibility and light technical solution is suitable for MNO/Carriers anywhere in the world seeking a platform that enables them to introduce leading edge and best of breed M2M services into their home market, thus gaining an immediate competitive advantage. Stream is privately owned, based in Canary Wharf – London, with a presence in Vancouver, New York, San Jose and Singapore.

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