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Faster video wall installation with Auto Camera Adjustment upgrade

by david.nunes

Faster video wall installation with Auto Camera Adjustment upgrade

Panasonic has introduced an Auto Camera Adjustment kit for video wall manager software which cuts installation time and improves colour consistency.

The optional kit dovetails with Panasonic’s free Video Wall Manager software and, like the camera upgrade kit already available for the company’s multi-projector software, dramatically reduces the labour time, complexity and costs involved with setting up and adjusting multiple displays.

Enrique Robledo, European Marketing Manager for Panasonic Visual System Solutions, said, “Currently, installers need to adjust each panel for colour and brightness individually using a sensor, which is time-consuming, requires specialist knowledge, and in some cases does not produce completely accurate results.

“After activating Auto Camera Adjustment in Video Wall Manager, the installer connects a compatible camera, photographs the video wall, and the software analyses backlight control and white balance to colour-match each panel with precision.

“The software then automatically adjusts and saves settings for each display—dramatically reducing adjustment time and the associated cost. Plus, should a panel ever need to be replaced, there’s no need to recalibrate the entire video wall by hand.”

The Auto Camera Adjustment package (TY-VUK10) joins a new installation mount featuring interlocking modular display frames and a system of magnets that ensure each panel is accurately aligned through every axis.

Installers can download Video Wall Manager free of charge via Panasonic’s PASS website, while a paid activation code for Auto Camera Adjustment is required for one PC only—not for every display device.

Video Wall Manager with the Auto Camera Adjustment upgrade kit is compatible with Panasonic’s LFV50, LFV5, and LFV70 series displays.

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