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FCI Launches Minitek MicroSpace™ 1.27/1.5mm Crimp-to-Wire Connector

by david.nunes

FCI Launches Minitek MicroSpace™ 1.27/1.5mm Crimp-to-Wire Connector

SINGAPORE (Jul 10, 2015) — FCI, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, is proud to announce the latest Minitek MicroSpace™ 1.27/1.5mm Crimp-to-Wire (CtW) connector. The unique design of Minitek MicroSpace™ 1.27/1.5mm connector enables contact pitch compatibility with the LV214 Severity-2 standard.

Minitek MicroSpace™ 1.27/1.5mm connectors are ideal when high vibration endurance is required. The design features primary and secondary contact retention, Poka-yoke polarization and a visual mismatch prevention system that eliminates application errors. A Terminal Positioning Assurance system allows this solution to be easily and quickly installed.

Addressing the growing demand for miniaturization, this connector’s compact design requires a PCB footprint which is half of the current market offering. 

The Minitek MicroSpace™ 1.27/1.5mm contact current carrying capacity is 4A. The external diameter of the cable is up to 1.3mm (22 AWG). The 4N normal force guarantees good resilience against vibration, while the connector locking can withstand 70N force.

This product application range is suitable for automotive, car lighting, industrial & instrumentation markets and harsh environment.

For more information on applications and specifications of Minitek MicroSpace™, click on the respective links 1.27mm or 1.5mm. You can also contact us at communications@fci.com

About FCI

FCI is an international connector and cable assembly solutions manufacturer of Backplane Connectors, Power Solutions, Board/Wire to Board Connectors, Input/Output Connectors, Optical Interconnect, Cable Assemblies, Terminal Blocks and Flex Connectors. Our interconnect solutions are designed and manufactured for various market applications such as automotive motorized vehicles, telecommunications, data storage, consumer electronics, medical, industrial & instrumentation as well as renewable energy.

FCI employs 7,300 employees worldwide in 2014. With a global footprint comprising of the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, we are well renowned and respected for our technological leadership, as well as innovative connector and cable assembly solutions.

For more information, please visit us at www.fci.com.

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