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FileLocker Brings Encryption, Mobilization and File Sharing to Microsoft’s SharePoint with New Integration

by david.nunes

FileLocker Brings Encryption, Mobilization and File Sharing to Microsoft’s SharePoint with New Integration

— Companies using SharePoint now have the opportunity to integrate FileLocker’s encrypted file sharing solution into their organization at less than half the cost of an Outlook 365 license.

LOS ANGELES, July 29, 2013 – Infrascale’s enterprise collaboration tool, FileLocker, is now available with connectors for SharePoint that greatly enhance functionality. FileLocker enables easy bring-your-own-device (BYOD) management, encryption, collaboration and in-cloud editing, previewing, remote wipe and administrator control. To learn more about FileLocker’s SharePoint integration visit: http://www.filelocker.com/sharepoint-integration.htm

FileLocker Lets Companies Share Files Securely with SharePoint

SharePoint typically functions as a document depository. FileLocker aims to bring this depository to life, enabling business stakeholders to collaborate, share, and access data stored in SharePoint in a secure manner. FileLocker can be used as an encryption tool for all data stored inside SharePoint.

FileLocker Will Bring Much Needed Mobilization to SharePoint Files for Organizations with BYOD Policies

FileLocker brings secure collaboration and sync to SharePoint’s existing features. FileLocker’s core functionality includes end-to-end encryption, in-cloud file editing and preview with plugins for AutoDesk, commenting, desktop sync and collaboration of files with selected participants.

Native FileLocker apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone allow password-protected access to files connected to FileLocker from SharePoint. Users are able to preview and share files on their mobile devices from anywhere in the world. FileLocker administrators have the ability to set permissions and grant or reject access for specific users to data with their mobile devices or even specific web browsers.

How FileLocker’s SharePoint Integration Works

Enhancing SharePoint with FileLocker is simple: Admins will be guided by a wizard to connect to their SharePoint database and then select which files and folders should appear in FileLocker. Once files are available, they can be securely shared, password-protected, edited, previewed, commented-on, synced to a desktop and accessed via mobile devices. This could be done at the company, group or individual user level. Users can also add files and folders to SharePoint by way of FileLocker.

FileLocker Integration Will Change the Way Users View SharePoint

“SharePoint has been an organizational staple that IT managers across the globe have wanted to improve, but of course they don’t have the flexibility to do so,” said Ken Shaw, CEO of Infrascale “With FileLocker’s new integration IT managers can get the vast majority of SharePoint enhancements they need in a single application. Prior to FileLocker’s SharePoint integration, businesses had to seek out a single provider for client-side file encryption, a single provider for mobile access and a single provider for desktop sync. Now, FileLocker does it all, and at a fraction of the cost of a SharePoint CAL.”

About Infrascale

Infrascale connects people, devices and their data in ways that are truly secure.

Headquartered in El Segundo, California, Infrascale’s cloud platform runs from eleven data centers on five continents. Infrascale’s software spans mobile, desktop and cloud and powers FileLocker, Enterprise Protect, SOS Online Backup and over one-thousand independent cloud service companies, VARs and MSPs. Visit www.infrascale.com.

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