FIME Test Tools and Laboratories Achieve GlobalPlatform Qualified Status


08 July 2011FIME, a global leader in consulting and market integration testing services for smart devices and secure chip-based applications, has achieved GlobalPlatform qualified status for its test tool products and laboratory testing offerings. FIME is the first full service testing facility to receive the GlobalPlatform certification for both its tools and laboratory, which enables the company to test a card product’s compliance to the GlobalPlatform UICC Configuration for the mobile sector.


FIME now has the ability to provide manufacturers and issuers with test tools and laboratory services which confirm a product’s compliance to the GlobalPlatform UICC Configuration, ensuring that solutions are standardised for the mobile phone environment. GlobalPlatform – the organisation which standardises the management of applications on secure chip technology – created the compliance programme in order to develop the long-term interoperability of multiple embedded applications, such as payment and identity, on secure chip technology.


Kevin Gillick, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform, comments: “We are delighted that FIME has shared its expertise in the compliance programme certification process, as we believe this important work will lay the foundation in realising long-term interoperability within the smart card market. On behalf of GlobalPlatform, I would like to congratulate FIME on achieving GlobalPlatform qualified status for both its test tool and laboratory offerings.”


Stephanie El Rhomri, New Services Marketing Manager at FIME, adds: “It is a critical time for chip-based product development, as more and more applications are residing on the same token, such as in a mobile phone. It is therefore fundamental that all products are developed in line with a single global set of standards to ensure the interoperability of applications embedded in the same secure environment.


“With this GlobalPlatform qualification, FIME’s certified laboratories and test tool products offer our customers the confidence that their products meet the relevant industry and regulatory standards and comply with industry guidelines for harmonising multi-application implementation on a secure element. Achieving GlobalPlatform qualified status for UICC Configuration, is the first step in our overall aim to develop and expand our test tool and laboratory offerings in vertical sectors such as identity, mobile and payment.”


About FIME

 FIME is an independent global leader in consulting and integration testing services for smart devices and secure chip-based applications within the telecom, e-payment, transport, e-identity and logistic sectors. Its international team works with manufacturers, banks and authorities within these markets throughout the research and development lifecycle to provide expertise on sector requirements, functional and security features and industry regulation.


Since 1995, FIME has established global ISO 17025 accredited laboratories which provide official testing and certification services to validate a solution’s compliance and security before launch. FIME’s technical ability ensures a customer’s solution is secure, interoperable and achieves the highest level of industry standardisation.


With over 200 employees and operating across America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia, FIME has worked with leading international schemes such as American Express, First Data, JCB, MasterCard and Visa to bring pioneering and convenient chip-based services to end users.


About the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program

GlobalPlatform has extended its compliance program to provide a formal framework that enables the creation and qualification of test tools that can now be used to confirm the compliance of a card product to the association’s Card Specification v2.2 market configurations. Visit for further details.