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Firehost’s European-Based Secure Cloud Hosting Services Go Live

by david.nunes

Firehost’s European-Based Secure Cloud Hosting Services Go Live


Ultra-secure, scalable, contract-free services now available at European data centres


Cloud Expo Europe, London, UK – January 25, 2012 – Secure cloud hosting company, FireHost, has today announced the expansion into Europe, with news that its secure hosting services are now available at data centres in London and Amsterdam. European organisations, as well as international firms operating in the region, can now benefit from FireHost’s award-winning, highly-flexible, secure cloud hosting services, with the added reassurance that their websites and applications are hosted in-region and under the jurisdiction of European data protection legislation.


Founded in 2006, FireHost has previously provided its secure cloud hosting services to companies from 22 countries via its U.S. data centres in Texas and Arizona. Rapidly growing demand from European-based businesses, along with increasing requirements to keep data within the European Union, has driven FireHost’s latest expansion.


Tens of thousands of brands, including Johnson & Johnson, KKR, Farmers Insurance Group, Johns Hopkins University and Fossil already rely on FireHost to secure their websites and applications. In 2011 alone the company prevented 50 million external hacks including SQL injections, cross-site scripting and brute force attempts. Its fully managed enterprise security offering, which includes Web application protection, real-time reporting of blocked hack attempts as well as origin of attack mapping, has made FireHost the go to cloud hosting provider for US organisations with stringent data protection requirements. Compliant with both Payment Card Initiative (PCI) and HIPAA regulations, FireHost’s services are particularly suited to eCommerce, financial and healthcare organisations.


In addition to these industry-leading security features, FireHost also offers 100 percent network and infrastructure uptime and allows all customers to scale up or scale down their hosting requirements to reflect peaks and troughs in their business activities. This can be done manually, automatically or according to a predetermined schedule. Unlike many cloud hosting providers, FireHost requires no set-up fees or long-term contractual commitments from its customers, allowing them complete flexibility. For organisations that desire hosting services in both the U.S. and in Europe FireHost’s customer portal allows full server management for all locations in one global view.


“As we’d expect, FireHost protects us from any and all instances of cybercrime, but we’re particularly happy with how its business model fits with our requirements,” said Ryan Atkins of UK-based digital agency The Distance, “As a growing company, the absence of any contractual lock-in gives us complete control over our expenditure as well as the ability to grow or cut back our activity in busy or quieter times.”


“The elevated importance of securing company websites and data against malicious attacks has led to increasing demand for secure cloud hosting environments,” said Katrena Drake, director of European operations at FireHost. “The success of our business model within our U.S. facilities has been phenomenal and we’re excited about bringing our approach to the European marketplace.”


For more information and pricing, please visit: www.firehost.co.uk


About FireHost

FireHost is a secure cloud hosting company focused on protecting companies’ sensitive data and brand reputations with an architecture built for security, scalability and performance. Customers with specific compliance or performance needs subscribe to FireHost’s PCI, HIPAA or high traffic solutions, including some of the largest companies in the world as well as many fast growing eCommerce, SaaS and healthcare IT providers. FireHost provides services from Dallas, Phoenix, London and Amsterdam.


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