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Flash Networks Introduces Advanced Harmony™ Analytics

by david.nunes

More detailed data for improved traffic management, promotions, and customer retention

Chicago, IL , October 18, 2010 – Flash Networks, a global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions, announced today at 4G World, taking place October 18–21 in Chicago, Illinois, the availability of advanced Harmony™ Analytics. Harmony Analytics is an analysis and reporting service that provides operators with deep insight into traffic patterns and user behavior to enhance network planning and increase the effectiveness of marketing promotions and customer retention programs.

At 4G World, Liam Galin, President and CEO of Flash Networks, will participate in a panel discussing innovative solutions that are being developed to capitalize on the burgeoning mobile Internet. Mr. Galin will present Flash Networks’ advanced Harmony Analytics which, unlike standard reporting solutions that primarily provide network-related information, breaks down traffic by several criteria, including type of traffic, device, location, user profile, and application among many others.

Using Harmony Analytics to identify traffic patterns, especially high bandwidth applications such as video, helps predict future trends to avoid bottlenecks for more effective capacity planning. Identifying usage patterns, such as social networking, user-generated content, TV-streaming, and app store downloads, can be used by operators as the cornerstone for creating a marketing strategy. Detailed data can be used to design service packages that most closely reflect real user behavior, target the most relevant promotion to the most relevant user, and tailor pricing plans for specific devices and user profiles, among other marketing promotions.

As part of the Harmony platform, the information derived from Harmony Analytics can be fed back into Harmony Web & Media Optimization in order to better tune the optimization profiles of different subscribers at different times of the day, achieving improved data reduction to relieve the highly congested networks.

Flash Networks’ Harmony Analytics has been successfully implemented at several network operators across the globe to reveal that:

¨ Android and Apple handheld devices account for only 25% of the handset market but over 65% of mobile Internet traffic

¨ Smartphone users account for over 60% of online video viewing on mobile networks

¨ 75% of users abandon videos before completion

¨ Music services, such as pandora.com and slacker.com, account for approximately 10% of traffic in the US

“The mobile Internet is taking storm, and measuring how subscriber behavior is impacting network resources is essential for taking advantage of this opportunity,” said Liam Galin, President and CEO of Flash Networks. “Harmony Analytics was developed in response to the combined requirements from several Tier 1 operators, who require this information in order to make critical decisions affecting almost every aspect of their organization – from engineering to operations to marketing – as the mobile Internet evolves.”

Harmony Analytics is built in a modular manner, allowing operators to either use only the aggregation services and then produce reports from an existing data warehouse, or purchase Flash Networks’ end-to-end Harmony Analytics solution as a stand alone product. In addition, operators can view reports in a holistic view or by geographical segmentation, and each report can then be drilled down according to various parameters. The reports can either be pushed through email or accessed through a web portal.

Flash Networks’ Analytics is part of the Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway which enables operators to enhance user quality of experience, reduce operational expenses, and manage and monetize access to the open Internet by applying best-in-class services to mobile data traffic.

About Flash Networks

Flash Networks is a global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions that enable operators to improve quality of experience, reduce network operational expenses, and manage and monetize the mobile Internet.  Providing a faster, safer, richer and more personalized user experience, Flash Networks’ Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway helps operators achieve significant cost savings through intelligent data traffic optimization, and applies intelligent policies for targeted marketing and charging.  With offices in Europe, Asia, and North America, Flash Networks’ installed base of top-tier mobile carriers includes O2, Orange, SingTel Group, T-Mobile, Telefónica, Vodafone, and Wind. For more information, visit www.flashnetworks.com.

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