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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Powers Interxion’s UK Cloud TestLab

by david.nunes

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Powers Interxion’s UK Cloud TestLab

Enables service providers to quickly and easily evaluate new cloud applications in a hosted test environment

Livingston, Scotland10th July 2012 – Flexiant, a leading European provider of cloud orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services, today announced that Interxion, a leading European provider of carrier-neutral colocation data centre services has chosen Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as a partner to power its UK Cloud TestLab, a turnkey cloud hosting test environment enabling service providers and system integrators to test and develop cloud services at high speed and with best-in-class performance guarantees.

Recognising the potential of cloud computing to disrupt the service provider market, Interxion, whose customers include names such as HP, NASDAQ OMX, bwin and Qbrick needed a high-performance test environment in which its service provider customers could try out their new cloud applications prior to taking them to market. After looking at a number of different cloud software solutions, Interxion chose Flexiant’s software as a partner to orchestrate the provisioning of cloud services in its Cloud TestLab.

“With Flexiant’s software we have been able to build an innovative cloud test environment for our customers and prospects,” comments Richard Warner, UK Marketing Manager at Interxion. “It handles everything all in one package, from the delivery of the service right down to the billing of the customer. Crucially, Flexiant’s software enables our customers to try out their new cloud applications quickly and easily, which is the critical factor for attracting new users to the Cloud TestLab and encouraging service providers to experiment with the cloud.”

George Knox, CEO of Flexiant says “We are proud to be partnering with Interxion for their Cloud TestLab as it gives service providers the opportunity to dip their toe into the cloud and look to ways of expanding their business during this disruptive time. As more and more companies look towards a cloud model first for their IT needs, service providers have to change very fast. Service providers must evolve beyond traditional hosters to develop their own differentiated cloud offerings, or risk becoming irrelevant. The Interxion Cloud TestLab is the perfect place for them to develop and perfect their new cloud offerings prior to launch.”

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V2.0 enables service providers to quickly deploy, scale and manage all aspects of a cloud computing infrastructure, from physical to virtual resources. With low-cost-to-acquire software and a proven heritage in both the service provider industry and the cloud orchestration space, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator delivers a proven alternative to an in-house development that will accelerate the time to revenue for both service providers and their customers.


About Flexiant

Flexiant is a leading European provider of cloud orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services. Flexiant’s software gives cloud service providers business agility, freedom and flexibility to scale, deploy and configure cloud services, simply and cost-effectively. Vendor agnostic and supporting multiple hypervisors, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a software suite that is service provider ready, enabling cloud service provisioning through to granular metering, billing and reseller management. Used by over one hundred organisations worldwide, from small hosters to large Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprises, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is simple to understand, simple to deploy and simple to use. Flexiant customers include NetGroup, FP7 Consortium, ITEX, TransEnt, Fast2host and Boston Group. Visit www.flexiant.com.

About Interxion

Interxion (NYSE: INXN) is a leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation data centre services in Europe, serving a wide range of customers through 29 data centres in 11 European countries. Interxion’s uniformly designed, energy-efficient data centres offer customers extensive security and uptime for their mission-critical applications. With connectivity provided by over 400 carriers and ISPs and 18 European Internet exchanges across its footprint, Interxion has created content and connectivity hubs that foster growing customer communities of interest. For more information, please visit www.interxion.com


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