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Fluke Biomedical launches automated infusion device analyzer

by david.nunes

Fluke Biomedical launches automated infusion device analyzer

EVERETT, Washington, Nov. 11, 2013 – Representing 20 years of experience in infusion pump testing, the new Fluke Biomedical IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer is designed to quickly and accurately test the performance of infusion pumps.

The IDA-5 is a full-featured, automated, multi-channel device that digitally verifies an infusion pump is administering flow, volume and boluses accurately, and that it is alarming on occlusion properly.

“Accurate analysis of infusion pump performance is critical to patient care,” explains Shirin Khanna, marketing manager for Fluke Biomedical. “Incorrect readings from a poorly performing infusion pump can put a patient at great health risk. The IDA-5 helps mitigate this risk by ensuring pumps are properly delivering medication, and providing timely, accurate alerts when a problem occurs.”

The IDA-5 can test a wide variety of infusion pumps including: volumetric pumps, syringe pumps, PCA pumps, drip-rate pumps, anesthesia pumps and ambulatory pumps. And aside from its verification functions, the IDA-5 also has built-in automation to allow users to create custom templates for quick, standardized analysis. The automated testing allows technicians to set up tests and walk away – it’s that simple. Plus, the IDA-5 maximizes productivity with multiple, independent channels to test up to four infusion pumps at once.

Faulty infusion devices are often the target of many clinical investigations. In fact, the FDA reported 56,000 adverse events, over 500 deaths and 87 recalls related to infusion devices recorded between 2005 and 2009 in the United States alone. Therefore, testing the performance of infusion pumps is critical to ensure accuracy and proper function.

For more information on the new IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer visit www.flukebiomedical.com/IDA-5.

About Fluke Biomedical
Fluke Biomedical is the premiere, global provider of test and measurement equipment and services to the healthcare industry. We strive to be the best at delivering innovative solutions to improve quality of global health. We serve biomedical engineers, quality-assurance technicians, medical physicists, oncologists and radiation-safety professionals and are continually expanding our range of solutions to a broader range of health and safety professionals. For more information on Fluke Biomedical, visit www.flukebiomedical.com.

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