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Foehn’s unified communications platform gives Prism a robust and scalable solution

by david.nunes

Foehn’s unified communications platform gives Prism a robust and scalable solution


~ Hosted telephony provider, Foehn, unifies Prism’s office locations to improve customer service and reduce costs ~


London – 16 February 2012: Managed communications provider, Foehn, is providing print production and office supplies company, Prism, with a unified communications system to support the increase in turnover it has achieved since January 2011. Subsequent to the opening of a new site in Melksham, Wiltshire, and employing a number of home workers, Prism wanted to ensure improved customer service and Foehn’s technology has enabled the company to work as a single entity across multiple sites.


Based in Bristol, Prism has been providing print production facilities for over 140 years and began supplying office products in the last 15 years. It has been operating on its legacy system in its Bristol office but needed a solution that was scalable to grow in line with the company’s expansion.


Foehn’s unified communications solution also helped in reducing expenditure for Prism.  Will Griffin, IT manager at Prism explains,  “we now have an intelligent overflow system set-up between the customer service teams at both our main sites which means inbound calls into one site are automatically transferred to the other site after a number of rings. Essentially, we can operate as if we’re all based in one location.”


The project involved establishing a secure connection from Prism’s office and home worker locations to Foehn’s hosted telephony platform.  Foehn then customised the system remotely according to Prism’s requirements.


While it was important to improve the business and customer service voice communications, Prism also needed Foehn’s help to enhance its data connectivity to support its existing hosted desktop estate more effectively. “We felt that our move to a hosted VoIP solution, was a good time to prepare for growth and invest in an enhanced data connection.  Foehn provided us with a symmetrical leased line that would deliver reliable, high quality VoIP communications, and allow us a robust download and upload data connection too – particularly important for our business where we regularly need to send and receive large files.”


Foehn’s solution has also boosted Prism’s functionality by supplying services such as voicemail to email which has been highly useful to their sales staff on the road. “There was a lot that we could do to help Prism’s previous infrastructure and we’ve installed a system that should respond to all their needs,” said James Passingham, CEO and founder of Foehn. “Prism’s old phone system reached the end of its life and it’s rewarding that we can promise them reliability as well.”


About Foehn

Independent managed communications provider, Foehn, was set up in 2000 by James Passingham to manage and implement systems within mission-critical and telco-class networks and data centres across EMEA. The company specialises in IP network and communication solutions for call centres and small and medium sized businesses.  As a Digium Select Partner, the company has specialised in Asterisk-based systems and has experience in successful large scale implementations across the UK and Europe. www.foehn.co.uk


About Prism

Prism is an award winning office solutions company based in Bristol. It is a national supplier of print, office supplies, consumables and furniture with a history that can be traced back over 140 years. www.prismoffice.co.uk


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