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Football World Championships with WISI’s Top Technology

by Anthony Weaver

WISI has configured TV networks in twelve football stadiums and the International Broadcast Center

Niefern-Öschelbronn,June 14, 2018- German firm WISI will make a significant contribution for the broadcasting of HD content produced during the matches within twelve football stadiums and the IBC (International Broadcast Center) during the World Championships in Russia (June 14 to July 15) that starts today. The leading developer and supplier of top technology for the key areas of communication and TV has configured with a Russian partner local TV broadcasting networks at these competition sites. The WISI solutions were proven successfully last year in some arenas of the Confed Cup.

Each of the twelve football stadiums has been equipped with a local HFC network to broadcast the produced live content in DVB-C from the HD cameras during the matches via the networks headend to the monitors of the commentators on the press grandstand. The technology has to meet highest demands concerning latency because transmission speed between cameras and monitors needs to be less than 300 milliseconds. For the configuration of these local networks WISI has used its high density platform TANGRAM with the Edge-QAM GT23W module and selected optical components and amplifiers from its portfolio.

Another network was established by WISI between these twelve football arenas and the IBC. This network will be used to distribute produced content such as interviews and press conferences pre and after the matches between the arenas and the IBC in DVB-C and as IP streams. WISI’s encoder GNHWENC2S provides the content as IPTV signals for all arenas and the IBC.

„WISI’s proven technology and solutions have convinced for two reasons. It meets the highest demands concerning transmission speeds and it offers an excellent price performance ratio“, said Heinrich Heibel, WISI’s Director International Sales.

WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI)

Wilhelm Sihn Jr. founded WISI in 1926 in Niefern-Oeschelbronn (Germany). For nine decades the high-tech company has been one of the world’s pioneers in broadband reception and distribution technology. Today, WISI is active worldwide providing components for broadband networks, fiber optics for broadband, digital signal reception, processing and modulation for TV and radio, in-house multimedia and more. WISI currently employs 600 people at production sites in Germany, Europe, Canada and Asia. The company has subsidiaries in France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Spain, Canada, Dubai and China. In addition, WISI co-operates with more than 100 partners in all important international markets. For more information, visit www.wisi.de.

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