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For the first time in Russia: Electronic warranty for the General Satellite digital set-top boxes

by david.nunes


For the first time in Russia: electronic warranty for the General Satellite digital set-top boxes

 GS Group holding company, that produces digital set-top boxes under the General Satellite brand, has become the first Russian manufacturer to offer an electronic warranty and innovative maintenance service for its customers. Owners of the General Satellite set-top boxes will not need a receipt or warranty certificate to get service help. The customer will only need to register the device in advance through Internet and bring the device itself in.

The electronic warranty service is a modern and convenient method to take customer incidents to a service center. Today, only the large recognized global leaders in the technology market, including Samsung, Apple and HP, provide such an opportunity. The GS Group holding company is the unique manufacturer in Russia that has implemented its in- house production consumer electronics for such a service.

The electronic warranty allows customers to easily and quickly attain service center assistance. Users, who have purchased the General Satellite digital set-top box, won’t need to store their cash voucher, sales slip or warranty certificate to obtain warranty service within the applicable period. The customer will only have to enter 23-digit serial number indicated on the set-top box into the manufacturer’s website to check the activation guarantee and, if necessary, fill in a special form if the receiver hasn’t been registered.

The warranty period will be counted from the actual date the user starts to use the set-top box for viewing. If a failure is detected, the customer may contact a General Satellite authorized service center without any documents to receive free service, if the problem is defined as a warranty case. It will also be possible to learn the expiration of the warranty period or to determine the stage of repair of the equipment being brought in at any moment just through the Internet.

The E-guarantee service is beneficial for General Satellite equipment dealers, as there is no need to ask customers for their warranty certificate, which most don’t carry with them when faulty equipment is brought in to service centers. All data on the guarantee is made available through an online form by entering the device serial number. The state of the art e-guarantee service ranks General Satellite set-top boxes together amongst products from the leading and largest global electronic companies.

Electronic warranties simplify the work of service center employees by eliminating the need of paper warranty certificates. This innovative service will improve customer service rates and facilitate document flow schemes.

The service will be available starting with the GS E212 model that will hit markets in September 2014.

 Additional information

GS Group is an international investment and industry holding, operating using its own high technology in telecommunications and innovation. The international headquarters are located in Zug, Switzerland.

Key activities are: the implementation of international broadcasting projects, nanomaterial and microelectronic R&D and mass-production; deep wood processing; investment in venture projects; media content production and management; software products design and integration; full-service advertisement; logistics and trade.




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