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Foregenix leads the way in Point-to-Point Encryption

by david.nunes

Foregenix leads the way in Point-to-Point Encryption

Payment security specialist receives full accreditation from PCI SSC

London, 1st June 2012 – Payment security specialist Foregenix has become one of the first Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) globally to be accredited by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) as having the necessary skills and experience to guide and assess payment applications against its Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) standards.

The P2PE standard defines the requirements for Point-to-Point Encryption solutions, with the goal of significantly reducing the scope of PCI DSS assessments for merchants that use them.  P2PE solutions focus on ensuring cardholder data is secured from the point of transaction all the way to the processor. Merchants who accept credit card transactions via P2PE approved solutions can significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with cardholder data and PCI DSS compliance.

“A commitment to continual development is core to our business philosophy. Our specialist team constantly strives to innovate and develop the skills to support our clients better now and in the future,” says Benj Hosack, director at Foregenix. “With this new accreditation, Foregenix is well positioned to help companies that are looking to validate their payment applications against the P2PE standard in the very near-term, as well as being able to assist merchants looking to reduce their risk and PCI DSS overhead.”

About Foregenix

Foregenix is an independent, specialised information security business, headquartered in the United Kingdom, with a global service delivery capability. The Foregenix team has been closely involved with the Payment Card Industry since the inception of the security standards in 2004, and has carried out PCI DSS assessments, PA-DSS assessments, penetration tests and forensic investigations on hundreds of organisations during this time.  Its technical team has extensive experience in digital security, having worked as security consultants, analysts and engineers in a wide array of environments; including global financial institutions, global networking and security providers.

For more information, please visit www.foregenix.com

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