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Foregenix partners with Servebase to help hospitality companies achieve PCI DSS compliance

by david.nunes

Foregenix partners with Servebase to help hospitality companies achieve PCI DSS compliance


London, 24th Jan 2012 – Foregenix, the digital forensics specialists, and Servebase, provider of global multi-channel payment solutions to the hospitality sector, have announced a partnership that will ease the road to PCI compliance for hospitality companies. The partnership will enable Servebase to offer its customers cardholder data security ‘healthchecks’ using Foregenix FScout Enterprise data discovery software.


Servebase offers multi-channel card payment services globally, processing $15 billion worth of transactions per year, and is a leader in the hospitality sector. The company also offers added value services to clients such as assisting with PCI DSS compliance, card payment tracking, tokenisation and Dynamic Currency Conversion.


Foregenix is a leading digital forensics and security consulting firm and creator of the market-leading FScout cardholder data discovery software. FScout enables clients to find and remove “rogue” credit card data lying dormant in their systems, thus ensuring that companies are not inadvertently leaving their cardholder data unprotected.


Servebase will offer an initial trial of FScout Enterprise as part of its data security healthcheck service, delivering optimum cardholder data security for Servebase clients. The hospitality industry is a major target for cardholder data theft, and both Foregenix and Servebase hope that that this partnership will bring improved security and brand protection to the industry and peace of mind to consumers.


“The hospitality industry is always at risk from data theft. By partnering with Foregenix we can offer our customers an additional layer of security in order to protect their data and to ensure that they are fully PCI DSS compliant” said Ritz Steytler, CEO at Servebase. “The partnership will enable us to work together to build innovative solutions for merchants to address the challenges they face today, such as PCI, without them having to take costly and drastic measures by completely overhauling their infrastructure.”


Benj Hosack, director at Foregenix, added “Partnering with market leaders such as Servebase is key to FScout reaching many more of the organisations that are handling credit card data, and thus helping to reduce credit card data fraud. This partnership will offer a great deal to clients in the hospitality industry, and in turn, better security for the end-clients whose cardholder details are handled by Servebase every day.”


About Foregenix

Foregenix is an independent, specialised information security business, headquartered in the United Kingdom, with a global service delivery capability. The Foregenix team has been closely involved with the Payment Card Industry since the inception of the security standards in 2004, and have carried out PCI DSS assessments, PA-DSS assessments, penetration tests and forensic investigations on hundreds of organisations during this time. Its technical team has extensive experience in digital security, having worked as security consultants, analysts and engineers in a wide array of environments; including global financial institutions, global networking and security providers.


About FScout Enterprise

FScout Enterprise is a rapid, accurate, multi-platform solution that incorporates advanced cardholder data detection and monitoring capabilities. FScout Enterprise has centralised reporting and is ideal for performing frequent/regular checks on any servers, desktops and laptops for leaked and unprotected “rogue” cardholder data across an enterprise.


About Servebase

Established for over twenty five years, Servebase is a market leader providing payment processing solutions for a wide range of business and industries globally. Its multi-channel capabilities provide customers with secure card processing covering all payment environments, from single solutions to multi-channel combinations of mail order, e-commerce and customer present chip and PIN.


Servebase offers the latest in advanced industry secure solutions, including a PCI-DSS level 1 hosted payment processing service as well as a PA-DSS compliant software for Chip and PIN processing, thus alleviating merchants risk of hosting customer payment data. Servebase also supports additional features including 3-D Secure, Tokenisation, Dynamic Currency Conversion, Multi-Currency and access globally to multiple leading acquirers.


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