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Formicary Announces the next Enterprise Group Chat Forum for Persistent Group Chat Users

by david.nunes

Formicary Announces the next Enterprise Group Chat Forum for Persistent Group Chat Users


…Expert speakers to lead discussions on the future of Group Chat strategies and compliance issues for existing and new technologies…


London, 21 June, 2011Formicary, a leading software and systems integration provider, has today announced that it is organising the next Enterprise Group Chat Forum aimed at end users with a commitment to Unified Communications and in particular, Persistent Group Chat. The event will be held on the 14th July 2011 at


Nomura’s offices in London and New York.


Building on the success of last year’s event, which had over 50 IT and business executives attending, the forum will provide an opportunity for persistent group chat enthusiasts to discuss future Group Chat developments. Expert speakers from Microsoft Corporation, Formicary and Actiance (formerly known as FaceTime), will examine present Group Chat strategies, anticipated trends, innovations and future challenges. 


Group Chat has up to now been the preserve of large Investment Banks that, for many years, have viewed the technology as being integral to the success of their business.  With social media now added to the agenda of many organisations, Persistent Group Chat is being viewed with greater interest across other industries to support internal team based collaboration. The forum will aim to identify some of the hot issues and debate what the future of Group Chat will look like.  


The last Enterprise Group Chat Forum included IT and Business professionals representing organisations such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, Nomura Corporation, WestLB, UBS and AllianceBernstein. The forum is also open to any organisation that is interested in finding out more about the benefits of Persistent Group Chat and how it will fit into their business environment.


“The Enterprise Group Chat Forum was revived in 2009 and has met every six months to become the voice of those who understand the value of Group Chat for their respective businesses. Last year’s events were by far the best attended and in no small way this has helped the major providers in UC and specifically Group chat shape their future product direction,” said Howard Travers, director, Formicary Ltd. “It’s great to have customers and providers talking openly, sharing their views on persistent group chat and forecasting future trends based on their direct experience. We have had a lot of feedback about how valuable the knowledge sharing had been illustrated by the fact that key players in the UC market like Microsoft are willing to share their plans. I am sure we are in for some lively, constructive discussion and debate and we have already seen a larger number of requests to attend the event.”


To join the upcoming Enterprise Group Chat Forum, please email angeline.cheng@formicary.net




About Enterprise Group Chat Forum

Enterprise Group Chat Forum is an independent forum created to bring together organisations of a similar commitment to Enterprise Instant Messaging and specifically Group Chat. Many companies have deployed and enjoying the benefits of instant messaging solutions but may not realise the potential benefits that Persistent Group Chat can offer. By reviewing successful solutions and implementations, it is hoped members will be able to discover the opportunities that exist, share ideas/concerns and provide a clear voice to the Industry with regard to the future of Persistent Group Chat, IM and Unified Communication Strategies.


All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.


About Formicary Ltd

Formicary is an information technology company that specialises in building integrated applications/solutions to maximise business efficiency and streamline business processes for the Financial Services industry. Founded in 2000, Formicary brings together a world class team of talented and dedicated professionals with industry experience covering Unified Communications (particularly Persistent Group Chat), business integration, trading and risk systems integration and Cross Asset Trading applications. This knowledge, coupled with technical excellence ranging from legacy client/server to cutting edge technologies, enables Formicary to offer innovative and sophisticated services and software to help clients improve their productivity and increase their return on investment. Formicary has offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.


For more information, please contact :

Angeline Cheng, Formicary Ltd, +44 (0)20 7920 7106 


Kate Alexander, +44 (0)7788 584413 










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