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Foursquare Labs, Inc. selects Brainloop for Secure Collaboration and Document Compliance Management

by david.nunes

Foursquare Labs, Inc. selects Brainloop for Secure Collaboration and Document Compliance Management

Boston, USA July 17th, 2012 – Brainloop, the leading provider of document compliance management solutions, announced today that it has signed Foursquare Labs, Inc., the world’s largest location-based social networking mobile platform, to secure their highly confidential business information.

“We chose Brainloop because it met our requirements for document security and collaboration,” said Brian Chase, General Counsel at Foursquare Labs, Inc. “Brainloop’s secure online workspace will be extremely beneficial to our company as we continue to grow.”

Brainloop delivers an enterprise class Document Compliance Management (DCM) solution that eliminates the security risks inherent with less secure communication methods such as email. At the same time, Brainloop is designed to eliminate the need for IT to set up and maintain cumbersome FTP-like solutions while ensuring policy compliance for documents shared with both internal and external users.

“Our book of business in the Americas is growing rapidly and includes some of the hottest social media companies out there today,” said Paul Hands, Vice President of Americas at Brainloop. “Companies like Foursquare realize that there is a clear distinction between their general content and their highly secure content – such as intellectual property or internal financial statements – and they are increasingly turning to us to protect those critical assets – which in turn protects the value of their business.”

Unlike enterprise content management solutions or cloud-based document repositories, security is Brainloop’s foundational principle. As a security first platform, Brainloop has built in capabilities that solve the most pressing concerns involving storing, sharing and maintaining highly confidential information including privileged user access control, rights management, and user authentication.

“Many customers point to our best-in-class operator shielding capabilities as a key factor in deciding to go with us,” said Hands. “With Brainloop, the system prevents privileged users like IT administrators, Brainloop employees and data center employees from accessing confidential documents where, if compromised, it could negatively impact the business. This is a critical capability if you want to ensure that your most sensitive information doesn’t leak out and is only accessible on a need to know basis.”

To learn more about Brainloop please visit www.brainloop.com

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About Foursquare Labs, Inc.

Foursquare is a free mobile application that helps you and your friends make the most of where you are. Wherever you go, you can use foursquare to share and catalog all of your experiences. Looking for inspiration for what to do next? Open up the app to get personalized recommendations and deals based on where you, your friends, and people

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About Brainloop AG

Brainloop, with offices in Boston, Munich and Vienna, uses document compliance management (DCM) to make online collaboration safe and compliant, giving users the peace of mind to focus on their business goals. Brainloop’s web based solution automatically manages security and compliance, allowing highly confidential documents to be easily edited and distributed inside and outside the corporate network. Encryption and ?operator shielding protect all documents from insider threat and external attacks, providing a highly secure collaboration framework. The solution enables the complete transparency and auditability of all accesses and changes to documents, supporting corporate and regulatory compliance directives. Frequent uses include ?contract negotiations, collecting data and writing up quarterly reports, and any other communication that contains confidential information. To learn more, visit www.brainloop.com.

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