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FOX NE&O demonstrates uncompressed video over IP proof of concept with Nevion’s VS902

by david.nunes

FOX NE&O demonstrates uncompressed video over IP proof of concept with Nevion’s VS902

OXNARD, Calif. – 29 January 2014 FOX Networks Engineering and Operations (FOX NE&O), a division of Fox Networks Group, and Nevion, a leading provider of media transport solutions have demonstrated a proof of concept for frame-accurate switching of live uncompressed HD-SDI video over IP. Nevion’s VS902 multi-format contribution codec for IP/Ethernet networks was used to encapsulate two uncompressed IP streams using SMPTE 2022-6.

“We believe that professional media networking over IP is the future of broadcast,” said Thomas Edwards, VP engineering and development, FOX NE&O. “Transporting uncompressed live HD video over an Ethernet infrastructure can deliver greater flexibility and cost savings for broadcasters. We carried out this proof of concept in conjunction with Nevion to test some of the video processing requirements of professional media networks.”

The VS902 is a flexible, modular platform for highly cost-efficient video transport in virtually any environment, making it ideal for professional broadcast contribution. It provides linear, multi-channel encapsulation of uncompressed SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI signals, as well as the highest quality JPEG 2000 compression for bandwidth-limited circuits. It can encapsulate up to two HD-SDI feeds over a 1 Gigabit Ethernet network using JPEG 2000 or four uncompressed HD-SDI feeds over a 10 Gigabit Ethernet link. State-of-the-art protection technologies, including forward error correction (FEC) and Streaming Intelligent Packet Switching (SIPS), provide the end-to-end reliability that broadcasters are accustomed to in traditional point-to-point networks.

“As a pioneer of IP media transport that has played an active role in driving the convergence of broadcast, IT and telecoms technologies, we were very excited about taking part in this proof of concept with FOX NE&O,” said Mike Root, Nevion’s senior vice president of sales, Americas. “With new technologies that address traditional concerns about the use of IP for professional media networking, the time has come for forward-thinking broadcasters to benefit from the flexibility, cost savings and new revenue streams that IP brings.”

Some of the world’s largest IP media networks are built on Nevion technology, including Azzurro HD, All Mobile Video, GigaContent, Media Broadcast, Sky Italia, Onside TV Production and CNBC Asia Pacific.

About Nevion

Building on a heritage of innovation and pioneering firsts, Nevion is a leader in media transport – from the camera to the home. A result of two industry-leading companies – Nevion and T-VIPS – coming together in late 2012, Nevion’s approach to innovation is driving the convergence of broadcast, IT and telecoms technologies.

Through long-term strategic relationships with partners and customers, Nevion delivers content for major sporting and live TV events worldwide. Some of the world’s largest media and broadcast networks are built on Nevion technologies – including AT&T, Arqiva, BBC, BT, CCTV, EBU, TDF, Telefonica, Telenor and NASA.

Nevion fully manages all network types – from legacy infrastructure upgrades to entirely new digital systems – with intelligence, automation and security built-in, helping customers monetise content, save resources, and open doors to new revenue streams.

Nevion’s world headquarters are in Norway with its Americas headquarters in California. Nevion also maintains offices in the UK, Dubai, Beijing and Singapore. For more information please visit www.nevion.com.

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