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by Anthony Weaver

France 24 returns to Kobani three years after the city was liberated from the Islamic State organisation.  Located near to the Turkish border in Northern Syria, Kobani has become a symbol of the Kurdish resistance.

France 24 reporters Romeo Langlois and Mayssa Awad meet with the people living in this battered town. After the liberation of Kobani the international community promised to help the city’s inhabitants. Three years later residents feel forgotten in their efforts to rebuild their city.

France 24 follows Leila, a 10-year old girl, through the twisting, turning streets to get back to her house. Manyof her peers are YPG fighters (People’s Protection Units). She will likely grow up to join their ranks and perhaps fight alongside her aunt and her brother.

France 24 talks to local artists who sing about the glory and bravery of Kurdish martyrs and fighters about their role in the reconstruction of Kobani.

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