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France-IX Partners with BICS to Accelerate Internet Peering Adoption in Marseille

by david.nunes

France-IX Partners with BICS to Accelerate Internet Peering Adoption in Marseille

Partnership offers one unique, simple and competitive solution to the Middle East, Africa and other international destinations

Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium – August 30, 2016 – France-IX, the premier Internet Peering Service Provider in France has announced a strategic partnership with BICS, the leading international wholesale solution provider.

This strategic partnership enables networks in Middle East and Africa that peer on the France-IX Marseille or Paris Internet Exchanges to peer remotely in the other cities in the most cost-effective and direct way, reducing the time-to-market for its members from weeks to days. Carriers, ISPs, CDNs, and other networks based in Paris or Marseille looking for a fast and secure Internet connectivity to the MEA region can utilise France-IX convergence hubs and connect seamlessly through BICS.

France-IX offers Internet Peering Services to over 320 networks in Paris and Marseille. Focusing on its core aim to federate the Internet in France by interconnecting its members locally, France-IX has met market demand for interconnection between its Paris and Marseille-based digital gateways to the Middle East and Africa by partnering with BICS.

BICS’ remote peering solution provides an affordable method for communication service providers of all sizes to expand their network footprint. Its network offers a truly global footprint with 112 datacenter points-of-presence (PoPs) worldwide in addition to local support in all major markets. It has full access to 20 submarine cables covering all key routes around the world, including EIG, AAE-1, SeMeWe-3, SeMeWe-4, SAT-3/WACS and SAFE.

Traditionally, major carriers and Internet players have deployed infrastructure in both cities requiring multiple suppliers, significantly increasing cost of entry and time of deployment. The new approach offered by France-IX and BICS meets their connectivity need, while providing agility, flexibility and cost-savings.

The partnership provides not only increased bandwidth granularity with increments as small as 100Mbps and faster deployment times as fast as 2 business days, but also cost savings up to 50% per month. This is achieved because the France-IX/BICS model requires a single cross-connect to a single France-IX port and the activation of one service with BICS.

“Our backbone solution is a one-stop-shop for customers across the globe,” said Ievgen Martsin, Product Manager, Capacity & IP at BICS. “It brings a simple solution to build peering relationships within the France-IX platform via a single port, while drastically reducing costs. This is achieved by limiting the equipment and dedicated transport resources required and streamlining the number of partners needed, without losing overall SLA”.

“We have a significant opportunity to accelerate France-IX growth and the value it brings to its members with BICS’ quality assets and worldwide scale”, adds Franck Simon, Managing Director, France-IX. “This gives France-IX the opportunity to focus on its initial mission: increase the quality of the Internet in France and its promise to provide innovative solutions to its community.”

About France-IX

France-IX is the Premier Internet Peering Service Provider in France, offering public and private peering services through its Paris and Marseille carrier and datacenter neutral Internet Exchanges Points.

France-IX interconnects several hundreds of carriers, ISPs, content delivery networks and all other Internet players worldwide with significant traffic in the Internet French market. This enhances the affordability and latency of the Internet traffic exchanged between its members and thus improves the overall quality of the Internet in France.

Founded in June 2010 with the support of the French Internet community, France-IX is a member-based association to which neutrality, sustainability and constant improvement of the Internet are core values.

For more information, please visit www.franceix.net or contact info@franceix.net.

About BICS

BICS is recognized in the wholesale communications market as a top global voice carrier and the leading provider of mobile data services. We aim at bridging the telecom world with the new unconventional communication providers worldwide.

Our innovative suite of solutions for Voice, Messaging, Data & Connectivity, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Fraud & Security, Roaming, MVNE and Asset Monetization are designed to bring value to our customers’ businesses.

BICS is headquartered in Brussels with regional offices in Bern, Dubai, Madrid, New York, San Francisco and Singapore. We also have a satellite office in Beijing and local representation in Accra, Cape Town, Miami, Montevideo, Quito, Nairobi and Toronto.

For more information visit www.bics.com

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