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France-IX welcomes its first bulgarian member Evolink

by david.nunes

France-IX welcomes its first Eastern European member Evolink

Paris, 24 January 2013 – The French internet exchange point, France-IX, signs the Bulgarian internet service provider (ISP) Evolink, its first member from Eastern Europe. The connection of this new member proves that in less than 3 years, France-IX managed to be listed among the most important IXPs in the world.

Evolink is a leading Bulgarian telecommunications company that provides and maintains a wide range of telecommunications services. Focused on constantly delivering the highest quality services to its customers apart from bringing directly traffic from TIER-1 providers, Evolink is also present at major Internet exchanges in the Netherlands and in Germany. These two platforms are the focal point for traffic exchanged between Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Evolink is also a member of the BIX – the Bulgarian Internet Exchange.

Therefore by connecting to France-IX, Evolink has come to get something more. As Svetoslav Hristov,  Business Development Manager & Chairman of the Board at Evolink, explains : « At Evolink we always strive to improve our traffic performance, to bring in new services to our customers, to be different, to be innovative.  We believe that France-IX would be a valuable addition in terms of improving our traffic performance even further».

Franck Simon, Managing Director at France-IX, emphasizes: « Connecting a member coming from outside our natural circle of influence, which consists of Western Europe, Africa and Middle-East, represents a huge achievement for us. It reinforces the idea that we managed to prove that France-IX is a significant international IXP and will become one of the biggest points within the next few years ».

About France-IX

France-IX is the latest generation IXP based in France which offers Unicast and Multicast IPv4/IPv6 public peering, private peering (Closed User Groups), routes servers and a reseller program through various connection ports: 100 Mbps copper, 200Mbpbs (copper or optical), 1000 Mbps copper, 1 Gbps SX or LX, 2 Gbps and 10 Gbps LR. For further information, visit the website https://www.franceix.net or contact info@franceix.net.

About Evolink AD

Evolink is a leading Bulgarian telecommunications company known for its innovative approach and professional level of services. Its service portfolio covers a wide range of telecommunication services such as MPLS VPN services, IP Transit, Co-location, video content delivery, cloud hosting services and integrated information and communication solutions. Among the company’s customers are large local and foreign companies, government organizations, financial institutions, Internet service providers, media companies and many more. In 2012 Evolink received the runner up award for “Best CDN Provider” by Capacity Awards. For further information please visit: www.evolink.com


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