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France Télévisions Selects OpenHeadend to 0perate its Catch-up TV Service

by david.nunes

France Télévisions SelectsOpenHeadend to Operate its Catch-up TV Service.

France Télévisionscalls onOpenHeadend solution to feed its catch-up TV offering.

Paris,January 13th, 2016

OpenHeadend, a leader in ingest, processing and stream delivery software solutions, announced that France Télévisions successfully relies on its technical platform to offer viewers the possibility to catch-up on programmes from France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, France Ô and fromthe 9 channels of its overseas Première network.

In order to meet France Télévisions needs in terms of flexibility, video quality and automation, the OpenHeadend solution records 24/7 the full programs of 14 live channels. Each specific programmeis then automatically extracted for publishing. The system also creates thumbnail previews, bundles them in a single Jpeg file before synchronizing and associating them to the relevant video. Media and associated metadata are finally made available on a NAS, from which they are sent to France Télévisions multiplatform transcoding and delivery systems.

« The OpenHeadend platform is controlled by our video information system, which sends a request to extract programmes based on time codes. It is a flexible and robust solution, which easily integrates into an industrial “video factory” workflow, » declared Arnaud Drillon, “On Demand TV and video production” Project and Technical Manager at France Télévisions Digital Editions. «To top it all, OpenHeadend Teams are reactive and always willing to adapt their solution to our specific needs.»

« France Télévisions is an innovative group. We have already worked together on several projects including broadcast resynchronization and HbbTV, » reminds Christophe Massiot, CTO at OpenHeadend. « We are delighted that this major player in the French audiovisual landscape renewed its confidence in OpenHeadend and proud that our products support France Televisions in its multiscreen development strategy ».

About France Télévisions

With 5 national TV channels, 24 regional and 9 overseas channels, and a complete digital service offering (francetvpluzz, francetv info, francetv sport, francetv zoom, Culturebox, Ludo, Zouzous, etc.), France Télévisions is the largest public French broadcasting group.


About OpenHeadend

While Television head-ends are getting more and more complex and must become more versatile, OpenHeadend delivers broadcasters with a compact, flexible, smart and modular solution. Organized around a unique content management platform and a configurable workflow engine, a comprehensive set of purpose-built modules process a large number of video streams for numerous applications such as monitoring, logging, program extraction and automatic catch-up TV publishing, image recognition, mosaic creation, demultiplexing, secured transfers, and much more. Many customers rely on the power, flexibility and reliability of the OpenHeadend solution for their mission-critical operations, including France Televisions, France 24, NRJ, M6, AB Group, TRACE, Grand Lille TV, Yacast, IBM, and much more.


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