FreeMove Service Central Report now also available to multinational corporations in Greece and Bulgaria



December 6th, 2011 – FreeMove Service Central Report is now the first service of the FreeMove Alliance available to multinational corporation customers in Greece and Bulgaria, after the most recent addition of the mobile operators COSMOTE and GLOBUL to the FreeMove Alliance’s global footprint.  The web-based service allows multinational corporations to have greater transparency and efficiency with regard to mobile communication costs by reporting current costs for national and international voice and data services in a clear, more convenient and structured way on a monthly basis.


Customers receive detailed information about the various costs and usage, and they can track their monthly expenditures for mobile communications at home and abroad. Moreover, detailed data permits the analysis of usage based on parameters such as region, business unit, time and even type of connection. Its interactive structure also allows customers to drive their own research and analyses—in this way, companies discover cost-relevant developments in a timely manner and are able to control them more efficiently.


While the service has been available through FreeMove in the majority of its European footprint, Russia and Brazil thus far, the Alliance is now strengthening its position in the Southeast European market with this new offer.


Fabien Gustafsson, General Manager at FreeMove, says, “After the expansion of our footprint in Southeast Europe, we are happy to offer our customers there the FreeMove Central Report, a service that contributes to the optimal control of company costs due to a better overview of cost and usage across mobile operations.”


About FreeMove

FreeMove is a mobile telecommunications alliance between Deutsche Telekom Group, France Telecom Orange Group, TeliaSonera, and Telecom Italia founded in 2003. It is committed to providing customers with seamless access to mobility services without complexity, particularly in the multinational market. FreeMove currently spans 40 countries across Europe, the United States, Russia, and Brazil. Further information about the FreeMove Alliance can be found on its Website:



COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A., member of OTE Group, is the leading mobile operator in Greece, as well as the operator with the strongest presence in SE Europe, with 20 million customers in an extended market of 45 million people in four countries: Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania through COSMOTE (Greece) AMC, GLOBUL, and COSMOTE Romania.

In Greece, the company currently has 7.6 million customers and a market share of approximately 48%. In 2010, the company posted revenues of EUR1.812 billion, while its EBITDA profitability reached EUR667.6 million. COSMOTE is the leader in mobile broadband customers and the main beneficiary of portability services with a 47% market share of ported-in customers in 2010. 



GLOBUL is the trademark under which Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD offers mobile telecommunications services in Bulgaria. The company is wholly owned by COSMOTE (member of OTE Group), the operator with the strongest presence in Southeast Europe. As of the end of 2010, GLOBUL has 3.9 million subscribers, while its services are available to 99.98% of Bulgaria’s population, covering over 99.23% of the country’s territory. GLOBUL UMTS network covers 88.96% of the population. GLOBUL, along with GERMANOS retail network, employ more than 2,300 people in the country.


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