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From custom utility technology to cost efficiency

by david.nunes



From custom utility technology to cost efficiency

Reliable SmartEnergy Suite enables dynamic pricing


Paderborn (Germany), 26 July 2011: Leading Analysts forecast 1.3 billion residential and commercial smart meter connections by 2020. The number of worldwide smart home installations is expected to reach 5.38 million by 2015. There is an increasing shift towards smart home technology adoption from fancy residences to mainstream and production homes. Following this trend prepayment for electricity and gas has to become smarter with more system capability and greater flexibility for consumers. Orga Systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, can provide these capabilities with its SmartEnergy Suite which enables accurate individual and dynamic rating and billing in real-time.

APAC region notes smart meter growth rate of 37%


The market especially in Asia is growing and emerging rapidly in line with the unique challenges. According to a report from leading analysts the total installed base of smart meters in Asia Pacific will boost from 52.8 million in 2010 to 350.3 million by 2016, representing a compound annual growth rate of 37%. Asia’s main ambitions are to increase grid reliability and security, enhance operating efficiencies of the grid infrastructure, compensate power supply and demand and the cut down consequences this has on the environment. Orga Systems provides benefits for both energy supplier and consumer, including the potential for making a contribution to overall reduction in energy consumption. Orga Systems’ OS.Dynamic can enable pricing of intelligent home automation services and dynamically adjust any tariff while meeting regulatory requirements. It provides real-time information on consumption – a popular feature for consumers who want to manage their budgets economically, which is a prominent characteristic in Asia.


The key to cost efficiency


With worldwide rising energy prices and the trend to move to a more energy conscious world, the Orga Systems’ SmartEnergy Suite becomes a powerful tool to sustain the consumer budget and manage energy usage at the same time through central IT based systems which are the key to cost efficiency. Energy suppliers can now efficiently cope with the challenges renewable energies from volatile sources bring into the business by enabling dynamic pricing, which is configurable by a centralized rating engine. This is required to ensure accurate prices and to prevent fraud by introducing pre-payment schemes. At the same time, the system allows emergency reloads, temporary credits and is able to avoid negative pricing or grid congestion in phases of high throughput. Orga Systems dynamic billing solutions for energy and value added services handle these tasks with real-time expertise by processing load and price signals between multiple providers or users and devices.



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