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Fujitsu Helps Protect Corporate Data and Prevent Fraud with Biometric Authentication

by david.nunes

Fujitsu Helps Protect Corporate Data and Prevent Fraud with Biometric Authentication

London, June 25, 2014 – Fujitsu has developed a biometric authentication solution to secure access to sensitive data in computing environments running SAP® solutions. FUJITSU PalmSecure is a biometric authentication system based on palm vein pattern recognition technology. Combined with bioLock™ from realtime AG, PalmSecure is highly reliable in preventing non-authorised, non-biometric access, protecting data from hackers, former employees, consultants, auditors, temps and others. 

The cost of cyber-fraud and hacking for organisations continues to rise. As hackers become more sophisticated in their ability to steal data, transfer funds or cause targeted damage, even the most complex passwords alone are not sufficient. With dual authentication, ’hacked‘ passwords can become useless, as Fujitsu’s PalmSecure system requires biometric credential match in addition to the password.

Over and above attacks from outside the company, internal fraud is also a serious risk that companies need to address to comply with various government regulations that often rely heavily on logging of activities. Particularly for financial institutions, healthcare or human resource departments where employees log into a software program in the morning and access stays open all day, ensuring user authentication at all times is critical.

bioLock combined with FUJITSU PalmSecure provides added control over what happens within an SAP application at the point of log-on, even when the user is already in the system. The system asks users to authenticate at pre-selected times or for certain types of confidential files or high financial transaction levels, securing access at all times.

FUJITSU PalmSecure with bioLock helps prevent fraud in purchasing, payroll, inventory, retail and other critical areas. For example, biometric authentication means that all users are accountable for any invoices they edit, or financial transactions they execute. In retail point-of-sale, unauthorised discounts, fake merchandise credits and password abuse are prevented with PalmSecure, as employees can’t hide behind a generic password or log-in. PalmSecure with bioLock also helps prevent time and attendance fraud, as employees must authenticate with palm vein scan to verify their arrival and departure times, and data are transmitted to the SAP solution for payroll, further eliminating ‘buddy-punching‘ when employees clock-in for each other.

When authentication is based on biometric identity management instead of only passwords or devices, user identity is indisputable, providing audit trails to further ensure clear accountability. Organisations can control actions such as exporting, printing, saving, changing and viewing data. Companies also can restrict user access entirely to any given screen, mask sensitive fields of data, or disable buttons for saving and exporting.

Supporting quote

Thomas Bengs, Head of Security Solutions, Fujitsu

“With the high cost of security breaches and passwords being compromised at major institutions on a daily basis, organizations urgently need to implement stronger security measures such as reliable biometric authentication. Users work with critical data that needs to be protected at all times; FUJITSU PalmSecure with bioLock monitors and controls all information with indisputable audit trails.”

Pricing and availability

FUJITSU PalmSecure with bioLock is globally available since May 1, 2014, for purchase direct from Fujitsu.

Online resources

More about Fujitsu PalmSecure: http://www.fujitsu.com/us/services/biometrics/palm-vein/

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