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Fujitsu Semiconductor launches new 5V IIC FRAMs in 0.18µm technology

by david.nunes

Fujitsu Semiconductor launches new 5V IIC FRAMs in 0.18µm technology

Singapore, February 6, 2012 Fujitsu Semiconductor is sampling its customers with the new FRAMs based on its 0.18µm technology. This series features an IIC interface and operates at a voltage of 5 Volts. There are 2 products in this series: MB85RC16V and MB85RC64V.

FRAM standalone memory devices are widely used in metering and factory automation applications as well as various industrial segments, where data logging, high speed write access and high endurance is essential.

The new 5V IIC FRAM family incorporates 2 devices: MB85RC16V and MB85RC64V, which represent 2 density levels of 16Kbit and 64Kbit respectively. All devices operate at a voltage range between 3.0 and 5.5V and provide an endurance of 1 trillion write/read cycles as well as 10 years of data retention at 85°C. The maximum operating frequency for these products is 400kHz, and they are well-suited for low power applications as well. The products are offered in 8-pin plastic SOP packages with standard memory pin assignment, making them fully compatible with E2PROM devices.

5V IIC FRAM line-up

Part number

Memory Size

Power supply

Operation Temperature

Write/eras Endurance

Data retention



16K bit

3.0—5.5 v


1 trillion

10 years



64K bit



1 trillion

10 years



With in-house development and manufacturing capabilities, Fujitsu is able to ensure close co-operation between design and production. This provides the basis for a stable supply chain, thus allowing Fujitsu to bring a substantial and high-quality product to market.


Aside from the I²C FRAM family, Fujitsu also offers SPI FRAM standalone devices with parallel interfaces with density levels varying from 16Kbit to 4Mbit. Fujitsu intends to expand its FRAM portfolio to meet market requirements. FRAM can ideally replace all battery back-up solutions and enable environmentally-friendly products.


About Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd (FSAL)


Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd was established as the Asia Pacific Headquarters of Fujitsu Limited Electronic Devices Group in 1986. It provides support, sales and marketing of semiconductors and electronic devices to the Asia Pacific region, including India and Oceania. Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia offers a wide and varied product range such as ASIC, ASSPs, Microcontrollers / Microprocessors (FR-V), System Memory (FRAM / FCRAM) and System LSIs (DVB MPEG/H.264 Source Decoders, MPEG –2/H.264 Encoders).


For more information: http://sg.fujitsu.com/semiconductor


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