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Fujitsu Semiconductor Launches Wide Voltage Dual Flash MCU MB95650 Series

by david.nunes

Fujitsu Semiconductor Launches Wide Voltage Dual Flash MCU MB95650 Series

Wide Operation Voltage, High Resolution ADC, Reliable Quality, High Performance-cost Ratio

Singapore June 20, 2012 – Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd (FSAL) today announced the launch of the MB95560 series, a general-purpose 8bit microcontroller featuring wide operating voltage, 12bit high resolution ADC, dual FLASH with master/slave I2C controller of high performance-cost ratio. This series includes 24 types of products, supporting SOP24, TSSOP24 or QFN32 package. Sample shipment is available in late June of 2012 and mass production delivery will start in September 2012.

Based on the 8bit microcontroller F2MC-New8FX Family, the MB95650 series adopts wide operating voltage in its design, so that the product can operate in a 1.8V~5.5V application environment. The series integrates a master/slave I2C controller and 12bit high resolution AD converter, employs the dual channel FLASH technology, thereby realizing simultaneous program run in FLASH of one channel and read/write operation in FLASH of the other channel, so as to protect important data of the user. Meanwhile, this series also integrates multiple channels of various highly versatile timers, an on-chip oscillation circuit, a low voltage detection circuit and a LIN-UART circuit as well, which greatly reduce the number of components in the customer’s system and cut the cost of customer’s product accordingly.

The advanced 180 nm process adopted in the MBB95650 series not only makes design more efficient, but also helps the components be more integrated and precise. For example: mounted on the chip are the oscillator with frequency at 16.25MHz ±2%, the data flash memory that supports background operation and 100,000 read/write cycles, the internal A/D convertor of higher resolution and the low-voltage detection circuit that has realized higher precision.

MB95650 employs the common development tools and software development environment of the “F2MC-New8FX Family”. All the products in this series use single wire on-chip debug function, so that in customer’s development only the minimum pins are occupied when debugging.

The MB95650 series can be widely applied to small household appliances, digital electronics devices, digital peripherals, battery chargers, PC products, electrical tools, remote controllers and communication products as well.

Features of MB95650 Series

1. Internal resources of high performance

· Wide voltage operation range from 1.8V to 5.5V

· 12bit/8bit high resolution AD converter

· The master/slave I2C controller makes the products of this series be used as the master as well as a peripheral, i.e. slave.

2. New process adopted to realize lower power consumption

· The MB95560 series adopts 8 levels of power-saving modes to balance MCU’s performance and power consumption. Deep Standby Mode can cut the power supply to the FLASH unit completely.

3. Internalization of external components to reduce the cost

· By being equipped with the CR oscillation circuit, low-voltage detection circuit and supervisor timer circuit, it can internalize two to three external components, such as external oscillator and reset IC, so as to reduce the cost of the overall system.

· The CR oscillation circuit ensures an oscillating precision of ±2%.

4. Embedment of high-performance FLASH

· With high-performance FLASH, data write is possible even during program execution and data can be rewritten up to 100,000 cycles. The guaranteed data retention time is 20 years. Its security function can prevent unauthorized program from reading data, so as to avoid outflow of the customer’s software assets.

Related Websites

New 8FX Familyhttp://www.fujitsu.com/cn/fss/services/mcu/mb95/

For more information related to MCU specifications of this series, please go to the above website.

About Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd (FSAL)

Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd was established as the Asia Pacific Headquarters of Fujitsu Limited Electronic Devices Group in 1986. It provides support, sales and marketing of semiconductors and electronic devices to the Asia Pacific region, including India and Oceania. Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia offers a wide and varied product range such as ASIC, ASSPs, Microcontrollers / Microprocessors (FR-V), System Memory (FRAM / FCRAM) and System LSIs (DVB MPEG/H.264 Source Decoders, MPEG –2/H.264 Encoders).

For more information: http://sg.fujitsu.com/semiconductor

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