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Fusionex Honored as Asia Pacific’s Top Business Intelligence Player

by david.nunes

Fusionex Honored as Asia Pacific’s Top Business Intelligence Player

HOUSTON, July 26, 2013 Fusionex, an established multi-award winning IT company, is recognized as Microsoft’s 2013 Business Intelligence Partner in Asia Pacific. This marks the second consecutive year that Fusionex has earned the distinction of being recognized as a top Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Partner, underlining its status as the number one BI software provider in its region.

The award acknowledges Fusionex’s dedication and excellence in delivering the highest quality business BI solutions and approaches. Fusionex’s award winning product demonstrates how users are empowered with the ability to address specific business impacts and deploy measurable solutions with better team collaboration.

“We are honored to once again be a recipient of a prestigious award for business intelligence, demonstrating the strong pedigree of our BI product and our team,” says Ivan Teh — Managing Director of Fusionex. “A key ingredient contributing to the success of the Fusionex BI Centre is that it is a system that any user at any level can relate to it and the insights that it generates. With our R&D team heavily focused on enhancing our BI software to address the Big Data challenge, coupled with BI and analytics remaining as the number one focus for CIOs around the world, we remain confident that our BI product will continue to scale further and greater heights as we progress forward.”

The latest Fusionex BI Centre contains a slew of modern features, including the advanced capability of helping businesses construct predictive models, helping organizations exploit opportunities for maximum returns. In addition, the software also allows for the definition of data quality rules and transformation logic which enforces data integrity, ensuring entry for only consistent and validated data in the data warehouse system for analysis.

It also facilitates the rendering of its rich visualization through different form factors and mobility channels, whether through PCs, tablets, smartphones etc., providing end users with an all-in-one, powerful BI solution that suits their needs anywhere, anytime and in any form. Furthermore, as a cloud-enabled product, the BI Centre can be used via an on-premise approach, a cloud approach, or even a hybrid approach of both.

Being social BI enabled, the software is able to leverage on social media platforms, making it a powerful tool for any organization seeking to understand trends, behavioral patterns and social sentiments.

In order to address the needs of different industries, it has also been architected to be driven by templates which can easily be adapted and designed according to any industry, making it a re-deployable horizontal offering that can be implemented for clients of all verticals.

About Fusionex

Fusionex is a multi-award winning IT company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Group provides enterprise business software through its core transactional engine and business intelligence products, notably in relation to addressing the Big Data challenge. Committed to its clients’ success, Fusionex helps its clients manage and derive value from their data.

Fusionex’s products and solutions are ideal for companies seeking superior level yet user-friendly solutions including business intelligence (BI) and analytics, data management & large databases (Big Data & Cloud based solutions), enterprise mobile solutions, CPM as well as CTE solutions. Fusionex is committed to providing clients with exceptional competitive advantage through the use of its innovative and user friendly software products and solutions.

To learn more about Fusionex, visit http://www.fusionex-international.com.

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