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Active Broadband Introduces First SDN Controller for Real-Time, Telemetry-Driven Service Intelligence at the Broadband Edge

by david.nunes

Active Broadband Networks Introduces First SDN Controller for

Real-Time, Telemetry-Driven Service Intelligence at the Broadband Edge


Active Resource Controller Incorporates In-Line Mediation, Big Data Technology and IP Flow Telemetry for Network, Service, Subscriber and Application Analytics


Framingham, MA – May 27, 2014 Active Broadband Networks, an innovative supplier of software-defined networking (SDN) solutions for controlling broadband service delivery, today announced the availability of the Active Resource Controller (ARC), a subscriber, service and application aware, telemetry-driven SDN controller for the broadband service edge. Based on Active Broadband’s field-proven Active Resource Manager platform, the ARC incorporates SDN protocols for dynamic control of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) infrastructure, IP flow telemetry data for visibility into network, service, subscriber and application usage, and Big Data technology for managing the vast amounts of data required for service personalization.

“Network operators are seeking simpler and less costly ways to gain visibility into service and application usage at the broadband service edge,” said Adam Dunstan, CEO of Active Broadband. “The Active Resource Controller is a software-based platform that leverages high-performance, in-line mediation, Big Data, and IP flow telemetry to enable operators to transform subscriber intelligence into real-time service control without having to employ deep packet inspection.”

Active Broadband delivers the ARC with a powerful set of business intelligence tools that allow operators to perform Big Data analytics in order to gain critical business insights for network operations, engineering, and service planning. These tools make it easy to design graphical dashboards, generate interactive reports and create visualizations that allow operators to closely monitor network operations, better understand subscriber behavior, and track service and application usage trends. The ARC is also bundled with a tool that provides a familiar interface for performing low-latency SQL queries on noSQL Big Data databases.

About the Active Resource Controller

The Active Resource Controller (ARC) is an SDN controller that uses OpenFlow to dynamically control packet flow processing in broadband NFV infrastructure, such as the Programmable Broadband Gateway (PBG) Active Broadband demonstrated at the Open Networking Summit 2014. Built using scalable cloud technologies, the ARC is based on a field-proven software platform that has been successfully deployed in networks supporting millions of subscribers.

The ARC integrates multiple service control capabilities in a modular platform that can be flexibly deployed in different configurations based on operator requirements. It performs rapid in-line mediation on stream telemetry data to gain visibility into network conditions, service utilization and subscriber behavior, including application visibility for subscriber traffic flows using IPFIX and NetFlow. The ARC uses this data for real-time subscriber and service profiling to determine if the controller needs to take action in response to changing network conditions, bandwidth consumption or subscriber entitlements. The ARC automatically takes action by employing policy for service control of existing broadband gateway platforms, or uses OpenFlow to control service-enabling switching elements in NFV infrastructure.


About Active Broadband Networks

Active Broadband is an innovative leader in software-defined networking solutions for telemetry-driven service intelligence at the broadband edge that enable fixed-broadband providers to grow revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. The company offers a portfolio of solutions that encompass highly accurate telemetry data collection and rapid in-line mediation, Big Data analytics, real-time subscriber profiling and dynamic service control, and a web-based platform for real-time subscriber self-service. Active Broadband’s software-defined broadband service edge solutions have been successfully deployed in networks supporting millions of subscribers by leading broadband providers in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.


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