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Active Broadband Networks Powers ZCorum’s Bandwidth Commander Service

by david.nunes

Active Broadband Networks Powers ZCorum’s Bandwidth Commander Service

Dynamic Bandwidth Management Solution Enables Broadband Providers

to Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

Framingham, MA – July 23, 2013 Active Broadband Networks, the leading supplier of software-defined, usage-based broadband service management solutions, today announced that it has partnered with ZCorum to power the company’s new Bandwidth Commander managed service offering. ZCorum is using Active Broadband’s Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM) to actively monitor subscriber bandwidth consumption and apply bandwidth management policies on the fly.

Bandwidth Commander allows ZCorum’s customers to implement bandwidth policies and service pricing based on connection speed, usage and time of day. By moderating bandwidth consumption during periods of peak demand, broadband providers can effectively defer capital expenditures, increase revenue by migrating heavy users to higher-paying service tiers, and improve overall subscriber experience. Bandwidth Commander is a hosted solution that leverages the existing DOCSIS network infrastructure – no additional network hardware is required.

“Broadband network operators are struggling to keep pace with unrelenting growth in bandwidth consumption, and this is manifested in increasing network costs and poor subscriber quality of experience,” said Adam Dunstan, CEO of Active Broadband Networks. “By deploying our DBSM as a managed service offering, ZCorum is able to provide its customers with a market-leading broadband service management solution that allows them to reduce the cost of increasing network capacity, protect and grow revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.”

Active Broadband’s DBSM is a software-defined, usage-based service management system that allows broadband providers to:

· Align service tier pricing with bandwidth consumption to protect and grow revenues;

· Improve network utilization to significantly reduce the costs of expanding capacity;

· Grow new revenue streams with on-demand services including prepaid broadband;

· Actively engage subscribers in management of their service, and;

· Employ new monetization models including subsidized services and e-commerce payments.

“We’re excited to partner with Active Broadband Networks on the underlying technology that powers Bandwidth Commander,” said Julie Compann, Chief Executive Officer at ZCorum. “Service providers are stuck in an unsustainable cycle of spending just to keep up with rising bandwidth use, with no corresponding increase in revenue. By managing peak usage in real-time, we can help cable providers delay future expenditures, while ensuring those who are using the most bandwidth are also paying more for the service.”

About Active Broadband Networks

Active Broadband Networks is an innovative supplier of software-defined, usage-based broadband service management solutions that power an intelligent service layer for dynamically managed broadband services. Founded in 2005 by a team of highly experienced networking industry executives and engineers, the company is transforming broadband service delivery by enabling operators to close the growing gap between satisfying the needs of their subscribers and meeting their own business objectives. Active Broadband’s Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM) has been successfully deployed by some of the world’s largest, most demanding broadband providers, helping them to ensure customer satisfaction and profitable service delivery.

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