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Avanti Communications launches Ka-band Satellite News Gathering to deliver faster, more flexible contribution services for broadcasters

by david.nunes

Avanti Communications launches Ka-band Satellite News Gathering to deliver faster, more flexible contribution services for broadcasters

§ New service launched at IBC – visit Avanti in Hall 1, Stand A50

§ HYLAS satellites power new service

§ Available through partners or directly to news organisations

§ Low capex delivery of contribution across EMEA

§ Fully compatible with SIS LIVE ManPak and uPak ultra-portable terminals

Avanti Communications has launched a new Satellite News Gathering (SNG) product which will use the company’s pioneering Ka-band technology to deliver a flexible range of services. These will address the growing requirements for high bandwidth and cost effective content contribution. The official launch will be at IBC, the global electronic media and entertainment content conference, taking place in Amsterdam from Friday 7th to Tuesday 11th September.

Satellite communication is vitally important for news gathering organisations which rely on secure, robust connectivity for reporting from some of the most remote areas of the world including regions where communications infrastructure is non-existent or has been badly impacted by wars or natural disasters.

Avanti’s SNG product, which will be made available through partners or directly to news organisations, will operate over HYLAS satellites providing coverage across EMEA. Developed in close association with Europe’s leading terminal manufacturers, Avanti’s approach will ensure broadcasters have a wide choice of technical solutions available to them.

To coincide with Avanti’s launch, SIS LIVE has developed its innovative ManPak and uPak ultra-portable satellite ground terminals to make full use of the opportunity that Avanti’s Ka-band SNG services will introduce. The terminals, which are fully endorsed by Avanti, are ideally suited to rapid deployment for broadcast and military applications.

David Meynell, Managing Director at SIS LIVE, said “After developing the leading lightweight ground terminals in the market, it is refreshing to work alongside Avanti, another innovative company. The Ka-band proposition offered together is absolutely compelling.”

The key to the new Avanti product is its flexibility as broadcasters will be able to buy bandwidth for planned events or immediate usage. This means broadcasters can use Ka-band – which delivers significantly increased speeds and data throughput at a much lower cost – for set-piece events such as sports fixtures or political conferences through to breaking news stories such as coverage from disaster zones.

Matthew O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer at Avanti, said: “The availability of Ka-band technology through Avanti’s HYLAS satellites will have a significant impact on contribution services. Our satellites provide a flexible cost effective service perfectly suited to the fast-paced and often unpredictable world of news gathering.”

Avanti currently has two Ka-band satellites in orbit with a third planned for launch in 2015. The company’s first satellite HYLAS 1 launched in 2010 and provides coverage across Europe. More recently HYLAS 2 launched in August of this year and will deploy 24 fixed beams and one steerable beam across parts of Africa, the Middle East and The Caucasus.

About Avanti

Avanti sells satellite data communications services to telecoms companies which use them to supply residential, enterprise and institutional users. Avanti’s first satellite, called HYLAS 1, launched on November 26th 2010 and was the first Ka-band satellite launched in Europe. Avanti’s second satellite, HYLAS 2, launched on August 2, 2012, extends Avanti’s coverage to Africa and the Middle East. Avanti’s third satellite HYLAS 3, to be launched in partnership with ESA in 2015, will provide further capacity in the EMEA region. Some 80% of Avanti’s fleet capacity will address the emerging telecommunications markets of Africa and the Middle East.

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