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Clear2there and Biosign Team Up to Enrich Smart-Healthcare Service Offerings

by david.nunes

Clear2there and Biosign Team Up to Enrich Smart-Healthcare Service Offerings

Biosign’s Pulsewave expands the scope of smart healthcare and senior-care services through the Viewbiquity Cloud Application Suite

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, March 18, 2013— Clear2there LLC, a leading provider of advanced video surveillance, smart-home and smart-business, communications, and M2M solutions for service providers and enterprises, announced it has joined forces with Toronto, Canada-based Biosign Technologies Inc., a provider of health information technology that leverages cloud-based services, to address the burgeoning market for smart healthcare and monitoring solutions.

As a part of the sales agency agreement, Clear2there will begin offering Biosign’s Pulsewave™ medical device technology. Clear2there will offer the joint solution as a part of its highly regarded smart services being delivered to subscribers by local telephone and data service providers across North America. Biosign’s FDA-cleared Pulsewave™ monitor captures blood pressure and heart rate readings and will leverage the Viewbiquity Cloud Application Suite provided by Clear2there for connectivity to the Biosign cloud-based services platform. Clear2there plans to deploy as many as one hundred Pulsewave™ devices and will activate the related monitoring services as a part of its ongoing program for evaluation by service providers currently underway with over 65 Viewbiquity pilot projects in the United States.

“In our conversations with many local service providers, we have observed a sharp increase in demand for smart health monitoring and other telemedicine services that enable people to remain in their homes as they age,” said Craig Steen, president and chief executive officer of Clear2there. “Biosign’s Pulsewave™ product is a highly recognized vital signs measurement solution that is very easy to use by both seniors and people with disabilities.”

The Biosign Pulsewave™ Monitor is an end-to-end solution for non-invasive monitoring, analysis and reporting of health data. The Pulsewave™ cuff painlessly captures the pulse waveform from a person’s radial artery and transmits it to the secure Biosign servers in the cloud, in this case through the Viewbiquity Edge Gateway at the consumer’s home. Biosign algorithms are employed to analyze the data in seconds in order to generate reports, which include blood pressure and other vital sign measurements. In addition, online Pulsewave™ analysis and reporting tools give patients and healthcare providers secure access to real-time and historical health information.

According to Biosign chief executive officer Robert Kaul, the data collected during an examination can provide the basis for highly precise blood pressure results as well as a broad range of other cardiovascular measurements.

“During a simple and painless user-initiated session, in addition to blood pressure, the Pulsewave™ system can determine pulse rate and variability, and can also detect anomalies in circulatory function that may lead to a doctor’s consultation,” said Kaul. “The data is not only analyzed as quickly as it is received, but historical measurements can be charted and analyzed for trends and changes that may indicate a need for medical intervention or attention, making the system an excellent screening tool.”

“Smart-healthcare and monitoring is one of the fastest growing segments in this marketplace, and we are excited to enable local service providers to meet their customers’ needs with an innovative solution such as Pulsewave™,” noted Steen. “We anticipate that there will be intense interest in this solution from consumers and family members who seek a safe, reliable and flexible solution to monitor the well-being of their loved ones.”

About Clear2there: Clear2there is an innovative, full-service provider of market-leading smart-home and smart-business solutions for service providers and feature-rich video surveillance, communications, and M2M solutions for businesses. Based in Oklahoma City and Deerfield Beach, Florida, Clear2there works with national distribution partners, and offers a team of dedicated support staff to assist in all phases of implementation. For additional information, visit www.clear2there.com.

About Biosign Technologies Inc.: Biosign Technologies Inc. (TSXV: BIO) provides automated, computer enabled health information products. Key applications include the noninvasive monitoring of vital signs including blood pressure, pulse rate and breathing rate, enhanced with web services. The Company’s Pulsewave™ medical device technology powers data collection for clinical decision support, self-care, wellness and disease management, while its Healthanywhere™ software suite offers industry-leading remote patient monitoring solutions. For more information on Biosign, please visit www.biosign.com

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