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Dovado Launches PRO LTE Router for Homes & Offices

by david.nunes


New router delivers stable high-speed Internet at up to 150Mbps, enables ‘smart home’ functions

Dubai Internet City, UAE / Kista, Sweden – April 29, 2013 – Dovado, the supplier of mobile broadband routers and software to 4G/LTE and 3G operators and distributors, today announced the launch of its new Dovado PRO, a high-speed mobile broadband router for homes and offices. The PRO connects to the Internet via USB modem and supports Category 4 LTE devices making it capable of handling 150Mbps speeds. This means users are able to harness and share the fastest mobile broadband speeds available today.

The Dovado PRO’s feature-set goes far beyond Internet sharing. Thanks to the addition of a second USB port and remote SMS/app control, it can be used to facilitate a wide range of connected home functions. Users, for instance, can remotely manage the heating and lighting within their home and office from a mobile device. The PRO can also be used as a storage server to improve file sharing – such as photos and videos – over the local network with NAS transfer speeds of up to 180Mbps, six times faster than those of its predecessor the 4GR.

“Mobile broadband offers more than just high speed Internet,” said Erik Arthur, Dovado CEO. “The feature-rich Dovado PRO not only delivers dependable mobile broadband sharing, it allows users to take advantage of their connection for advanced ‘smart home’ functions and save money on utility costs. As the clamour for the ‘connected home’ and ‘Internet of things’ grows, the PRO leaves us well placed to satisfy the needs of a greater number of consumers.”

The latest addition to the company’s suite of routers and successor to the 4GR, the Dovado PRO delivers stable, flexible, ultra-fast mobile broadband sharing to users in office and home environments. It supports a wide range of USB broadband routers including the latest Category 4 4G/LTE devices making it capable of handling speeds of up to 150Mbps on the downlink. As such, users are able to access speeds comparable to that of a fixed line connection.

The PRO ensures the maximum possible uptime by including two SmartUSBTM ports capable of automatically repowering inserted modems in the case of failure. It also includes the ability to automatically fail-over between fixed and mobile broadband to guarantee Internet uptime. Dovado’s solution has full Gigabit Ethernet with one WAN and four LAN ports.

About Dovado:
Dovado is an innovative supplier specializing in development of products for mobile broadband internet access. It has been developing the support of mobile broadband technologies since its inception in 2004 and aims to change the perception of mobile broadband from a casual form of internet access to a reliable and always-on source of broadband for homes and offices throughout the world. Dovado currently supplies cellular enabled residential routers to mobile operators in Scandinavia. It first started introducing routers that support mobile broadband modems for 3G and 2G networks to the market in 2006. It’s first 4G/LTE models were launched in 2011 and are already being used widely in commercial deployments. Dovado is headquartered in Dubai Internet City with software development and EU Sales based in Kista, Sweden. www.dovado.com


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