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FCI’s New 12Gb/s SAS Receptacles Boost I/O Performance for Enterprise Storage & Server Applications

by david.nunes

FCI’s New 12Gb/s SAS Receptacles Boost I/O Performance for Enterprise

Storage & Server Applications

SINGAPORE (July 23, 2013) — FCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, extended its storage line of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) connectors with the launch of 12 Gb/s SAS receptacles for the enterprise storage and server industry.

This latest range of SAS connectors provides the IT sector with high performance storage interface that can perform up to12Gb/s of data speed and accelerate server applications’ ability to access data. These connectors are also industry-standard interfaces for hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSD) used in server and storage systems.

“The newest SAS connectors are a natural expansion of our proven SAS line and are developed in response to our many customers’ requirements for 12Gb/s performance. These new 12Gb/s SAS connector are designed with ease of adoption, as they are footprint compatible with several existing FCI’s 6Gb/s SAS connectors,” said FCI’s Portfolio Director, Martin Ng. “These connectors will help pave the way for the next generation of server and storage solutions by increasing their I/O performance over their predecessor by up to two times.”

FCI’s latest 12Gb/s SAS product range complies with the SAS 3.0 and SFF8680 specification in terms of mating interface, performance and signal integrity. Several new SAS connectors also offer footprint compatibility with existing FCI’s 6Gb/s SAS connector to ease design migration.

The 12 GB/s SAS connectors are designed to support hot plugging and blind mating of HDDs and SSDs. The built-in molded guide posts provide angled lead-in to facilitate easy connection and prevent misalignment. The high-speed, serial interface is designed to support differential signaling. This helps to minimize interference and facilitate high-speed transmission of data.

The SAS connectors are available in through-hole solder, press fit, surface mount (SMT), or hybrid (combination of surface mount and through-hole leads) termination. Wide base housing options are also available to provide additional stability.

FCI also offers a wide range of storage and server I/O connector options commonly used in enterprise applications that employ 6Gb/s SAS (SFF8482), Serial ATA (SATA), or FibreChannel drives for data storage, DDR memory and PCIe connector. FCI’s comprehensive suite of connectors allows server and storage engineers to find the most suitable connector solutions at every stage of the product development cycle.

About FCI Electronics

With 6,500 employees globally and sales of 555M USD in 2012, FCI Electronics is a leading global manufacturer of interconnects and cable assemblies that combines a broad product offering with field engineering resources to meet specific customer needs. FCI Electronics delivers proven connections and innovative solutions for various markets such as datacom, telecom, consumer, industrial, instrumentation, medical and renewable energy.

FCI Electronics’ full portfolio comprises proven legacy products and innovative new designs including backplane connectors, board and wire systems, active optical cables, transceivers, fiber optic adaptors, high-speed connectors, I/O connectors, mezzanine connectors, PCB terminal blocks, flex connectors, power solutions, storage interfaces and custom cable assemblies.  For more information, please visit us at www.fci.com

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